Dr. No (1962) Review

In the very first James Bond film Sean Connery sets the standards high as 007.

Bond is looking for answers when a colleague goes missing, this takes him in a journey to Jamaica to try to discover the truth behind it all. Connery really does have such an incredible charisma as Bond and really is so charming from the very first moment we see him. The name’s Bond . . . James Bond, as soon as he first utters that very famous line I think it is impossible not to swoon. I reckon that goes for men as well as us women. He really is something else and very comfortable in the role that he originated.

Dr. No is a very interesting bad guy and Joseph Wiseman really does put in a very strong performance holding his own with Connery in the scenes together. We are pretty much shown the standard set up for what the Bond series was to become. With plenty of action sequences this one really did have some very good moments. Bond isn’t scared of a little spider is he? Ok it was a big tarantula, but I really love that scene with the way he is hitting it with a shoe and the music it really is very haunting!

I think the main problem with watching this film now is that while it is a solid film, it doesn’t seem to have a lot going on because it is also very simple. In the sense of just having one location for Bond and one big special effect moment. So after seeing more recent action films it might seem a little bit on the tame side. But we also have to remember that it was released in the early 60s and I am sure it was pretty amazing at the time!

Who doesn’t love Connery as Bond though seriously as he is walking through the airport and out to the cars that really is such a great moment. The way he walks and carries himself off, it is such a good start to Bond. Although at the time I am sure they were not massively sure how it was all going to come off. I will admit that while I enjoy Connery’s performance and think the film is solid enough it doesn’t really blow me away. I hope that is not too controversial but I have seen this one a couple of times now (for some reason didn’t write a review when starting my 007 challenge a few years ago). Although with trying to write this review now I feel like I didn’t have a massive opinion on that film then. I will come back to it as I watch more of the films!

5 thoughts on “Dr. No (1962) Review

  1. I definitely agree that this film is very dated. The many iconic moments really help it though. The “That’s a Smith and Wesson… and you’ve had your six” moment is one of my all time fav Bond bits because it’s just so bad-ass!

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    • Yeah totally! They are hard films to watch back, I did try in 2012 to catch up. Decided to start from the beginning and even watch the ones I’ve already reviewed . . . May even edit the reviews if I have more thoughts on the film 🙂

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  2. When I was a little girl and we first came to the US..in the 70’s, we found out what a drive-in theatre was. I remember so well that my dad piled us in the station wagon w/sleeping bags and we went to the drive-in so they could see a triple feature of three Bond films in a row. I can’t remember which ones the other 2 were..probably a Roger Moore 70’s one as mixing the old with the new ..can’t remember that..but I remember the first one was Dr. No and I think that’s when I fell in love with Bond. I was maybe 5 or 6.. 😀

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