Handbagged (UK Tour) Review


Susie Blake – Q

Kate Fahy – T

Emma Handy – Liz

Sarchia McCormack  – Mags

Asif Khan – Actor 1

Richard Teverson – Actor 2

Show Date – Wednesday 28th October 2015

Handbagged is a new play looking into the relationship between The Queen and Margaret Thatcher in her time as Prime Minister. Speculating what was talked about during the weekly meetings between the two most powerful women in Britain (and even parts of the world) at the time. The play is put together in a very clever and impressive way with two actresses taking on the role of the Queen and two taking on the role as Thatcher. All having a say in what happened and what was said. Along with two “actors” who took on so many roles at times it was difficult to keep up, ok that was mainly because my knowledge on the subject is very slim considering I was only alive for three years of Thatcher’s reign. Therefore I found this very informative and like a history lesson at times, certain key events I had heard about so managed to keep up. It was more the different people involved that I did not know a great deal about.

The performances were very impressive considering throughout each act they do not actually leave the stage, it is a lot of information to get out in two hours. But enjoyable with little jokes and some one liners. Getting in some famous quotes as well. I guess it is still a sore subject with a lot of people about Thatcher so I am not sure how this play will go down with them? Especially as they try to brush past certain subjects and move on from them. Something which I think made it even more entertaining. Even if a lot of the jokes went straight over my head about certain events. I still enjoyed the way it was all put together, must mention the stage set up as well like a union jack!

Who said history had to be boring? This certainly brings it to life, I mean I know we will never actually know what was said between the Queen and Thatcher when they were alone but it is quite a good thing to speculate on. Not forgetting that this play has a lot of facts in about the true life events, it is one of those things that after you watch you find out more information about it all. Which is exactly what I have done at the same time as writing this review.

Some of the funniest moments had to come from the two men in the cast who even argued at times who was going to be a certain role. That did certainly make for some very amusing moments from start to finish. Something you cannot help but laugh at, a little bit slapstick at times just for something a bit different. All the cast talking to each other recognising that it is a play they are in, sometimes that may not actually work but it certainly does for this one. I had only seen good reviews about and can now totally understand why.

A truly enjoyable play with brilliant performances from all involved, with the accents and difficult at times dialogue. I would really recommend this play as enjoyed it from the first moment to the rather haunting and quite sad ending.

2 thoughts on “Handbagged (UK Tour) Review

  1. […] October had another trip to London and believe it or not it was totally to see Gypsy again before it closes in the following month. Good news had come just before this that it had been recorded for a few performances to be shown live on the BBC over Christmas, so everyone will be able to see Imelda in all of her glory. The show had undergone a cast change the day before with a new Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee, which was nice I guess so it wasn’t all the same. I managed to get front row tickets as well which was an even more special experience. Read the full review here. We also went to meet Imelda Staunton at the Stage Door after the show and she as just lovely, doesn’t take photos with fans though but loves talking to people. Considering this was an over night stay that meant I could go and see a Matinee on the Wednesday, I opted to take the chance to see Nicole Kidman on stage in Photograph 51, I will admit that I was a little naive in terms of not finding out the subject matter of the play before buying the ticket, but yes I fell for a Hollywood star on stage. Luckily though while the subject matter of the play was very heavy Kidman really did show that she is a fantastic actress, she owned the stage from start to finish. Read the full review here. I went to the stage door but Kidman did not come out, which was a little disappointing! I finished off the month with the UK Tour of Handbagged, another play. Doing well two plays in one month! This one about what may or may not have happened behind closed doors with The Queen and Maggie Thatcher was a truly fantastic experience. I really do admire how it was put together and throughly enjoyed it more than I first expected it really is funny and educational at the same time (well for some parts). Read the full review here. […]


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