Spectre (2015) Review

A message from Bond’s past leads him out into the field alone, as MI6 is facing extinction with the 00 programme. For a new world-wide surveillance system which means everyone is being constantly watched everywhere.

In his fourth outing as James Bond we certainly know what we are going to get with Daniel Craig in the role by now, he doesn’t disappoint and delivers lines with such ease. The action side is obviously very good. This film was always going to be a difficult one following on from Skyfall. I love that film a lot and even went to the cinema three times to see it, and then watched it loads since then. The build up to Spectre has been very in our faces for weeks now with constant adverts and mentions to the release. I certainly think it is the most pushed franchise in the UK.

One very good thing I can say about Spectre that it links and ties the other three films together. It hasn’t just forgot about them and has everything as a stand alone film, but mentions characters and shows photos of them really reminding us that Bond has a past. This however goes further back than those films, obviously cannot say anymore than that as don’t want to spoil anything. Those little twists are good and help in the long run of the story.

The opening sequence was good and filled with plenty of action and a cool fight, which is pretty much a standard in Craig Bond films. The opening credit sequence was done in a very cool way as well, I am still undecided on ‘The Writing’s On the Wall’ but I think it is growing on me. What are your thoughts on the newest Bond theme song?

It is actually really difficult to place your thoughts on this film without any spoilers, it has a good pace and is very much a Bond film. I think that is a good thing that they keep somethings the same in them all as it keeps the brand and doesn’t fall into just an action film. You know this is Bond for so many reasons, the women, the fights, the adventure. I was extremely happy to see a train scene, honestly more films should have a train scene.

I think one of the main problems with this film though is that while it is staying true to form on being a Bond film, some of it feels like it is just recycled from other films. Maybe that’s what they all are but I felt that this one has done it the most out of the last four. I still enjoyed it though as it is entertaining and has a few moments that make you laugh as well.

Looking at the other characters and screen time, I honestly thought as a bad guy that Christoph Waltz would have had a bigger role. He just didn’t feel very used after the massive build up of even seeing his character for the first time. I liked the addition of Andrew Scott having really enjoyed him in Sherlock when watching it last year, think it was really good to see him have a good role in this film. Again though cannot say too much about his character, but he certainly does not get on with M at all.

Ralph Fiennes I was hoping would get even more screen time but I guess it was just average for M. I really enjoyed his performance though and the short scenes shared with Craig, a different edge to what we have been used to with Judi Dench in the role for so many years. I liked that Q and Moneypenny had more involvement in this one and they are building them up to very good characters, I think the fact that they are both quite young really gives it something else.

I am going to come out and say that I really did not like the ending though, I thought it was pretty poor. Let me know when you have seen the film if you liked it or not, as really did not think it was the best way to end the film.

So in terms of ranking them I am putting this below Skyfall and Casino Royale, but not really sure if it is above or below Quantum of Solace. Where do you rank Spectre?

20 thoughts on “Spectre (2015) Review

  1. You really need to consider this is Blofeld Bond’s arch enemy. It had to end that way as Blofeld was difficult to kill in the other Bond universe and hes gonna be a around in this universe for I hope at least a few more Bond films. Don’t forget Blofeld didn’t appear too much in the other Bond films with long screen times and certainly quietly developed the charactor well in this one. Hes gonna be scheming in all senses and will want to end Bond in a spectacular way as he has that respect which has built up. Thought this was a great Bond well thought out and executed.


    • I was meaning the very end, not with Blofeld. It was a hard film to review without any spoilers, just with the girl part and him “leaving” again


  2. As a fan of the classic Bond films and someone who really doesn’t like Skyfall, I loved this film! It’s already one of my all time favourite Bond films. I loved seeing Blofeld back seeing as he’s one of my favourite villains of all time. I do agree with the ending being a little weird, and generally the entire relationship being a bit weird with Bond and Swan. I do definitely see why some people don’t love this film though.

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    • Yeah I’m thinking that maybe I should give it a second chance (nothing else on at the cinema haha). But I just think the sheer hype around the film make it more difficult not to get excited over it!

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  3. I also had a more muted reaction to this, mainly thanks to the entire third act (from about when they go back to London), which I thought was a bit confused. I guess that’s what happens when you completely re-write something after production has already started!

    I hope they bring Waltz back next time and give me more screen time. He deserves it.

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  4. I thought SPECTRE was pretty good, a few niggles and not quite as good as Casino or Skyfall but a solid Bond film overall. Waltz was wonderfully understated and…well…I can’t address what I’m thinking here so as not to spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it yet!

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  5. Hey there great review and for the most part I agree with all of your points. I too loved Skyfall and when that film ended I was so hyped for the future of the Bond films, so then I saw Spectre and for the most point I enjoyed it. Spectre had so many great action set pieces, the cinematography was great and the performances were solid especially from Craig, Seydoux and Bautista. But I didn’t think the story was as strong, the villain was almost non existent to a degree and I feel like Christoph Watz and Monica Bellucci were wasted, and I wasn’t keen on how some of the characters and story was handled. Oh and the ending, I do feel like it was disppointing but at the same time it made me curious to see where the next film would go with those two, though if Craig is out as Bond then that won’t matter.


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