7 Incredible Matt Damon Performances

After watching Matt Damon on his own for most of the film in The Martian, it made me think about the incredible performances he has put in over the years. I have therefore decided to not choose that performance as one of my seven choices. Just wanted to remind readers that I have not seen every film he has been in, but will do my best to justify my choices! He has worked some fantastic actors over the years and worked very well with so many of them to bring out amazing performances. He is an actor who is not afraid to lose or put on a lot of weight for the sake of a role and to help with his character and the story in the film.

While We Bought a Zoo has not made my final seven I felt like I had to mention that film for Matt’s performance as he really did show a lot of emotion and a different side to his acting ability. In a film which I find to be very underrated.

So here it goes with my pics of seven of Matt Damon’s incredible performance, in a very strong career so far . . .

Good Will HuntingReview

His Oscar nominated performance in taking the title role as Will Hunting really is outstanding. He works so well with Robin Williams and they really did manage to create such a special film. The raw emotion in Damon’s acting and being able to bring it over and over again in this role is brilliant to watch. Incredible lines to say and moments to take on board with this one. I think it has become one of my all time favourite films.








The Departed

This time up against or with Nicholson and Di Caprio. His character Colin was not likeable at all, he was arrogant and you felt he really deserved everything that eventually came to him. But Damon was engaging and you were wondering how far he would be able to take it. He has a brilliant end scene with DiCaprio which is something that we wait the whole film to eventually see explode.








The Adjustment BureauReview

This might come across as a strange or unexpected choice, but I really do like this film a lot. I think the plot and ideas behind it are very interesting and Damon’s character really wants it all and that is something you have to admire in his performance opposite Emily Blunt they have great chemistry. I think he shows in this one that he can be the romantic lead and it does work out very well.








Taking on the role of a real life person was something new for Damon’s career and this was therefore a very closely looked at role. I think it certainly helped to show that Damon was not afraid of doing something a bit different, I was impressed with his accent and performance throughout.







Ocean’s Eleven

It was certainly not easy to step into the world of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, but Damon seemed to ease in with an awkward character and therefore performance in the Ocean’s films. Although I have picked Eleven as my film of choice. I thought it was much better than the others as Damon gives a humorous performance which at the time was something very different.








Courage Under Fire

The sheer weight loss for Damon to really make this role something else certainly deserves a mention on this list. As you see in the still from the film he is almost unrecognisable to his usual self. Haunting would be the perfect way to describe this performance.






The Rain Maker

A truly standout role as a young lawyer who is determined to make a difference. It was a long time ago when I watched this film but I truly was impressed with Damon really holding the film together.








What are your favourite Matt Damon performances?

13 thoughts on “7 Incredible Matt Damon Performances

  1. As bad as it is, I haven’tseen any of these films, they are all on my watchlist. Though like others have mentioned, no Jason Bourne mentions? He killed it in those films, but beyond that I’m surprised you didn’t mention The Talented Mr. Ripley, Damon was SO good in that film and his role was totally different to anything I’d seen from him before now.

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    • I’m not a big fan of the Bourne films, don’t even think I have seen them all. The Talent Mr Ripley is a film I watched so long ago I can’t really remember anything from it. So you have never seen Good Will Hunting? That needs to go to the top of your must watch list!

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  2. There are plenty here I forgot he’d done, like Invictus and Courage under Fire. I loved him in The Martian and think he’s becoming one of the better, stand-out actors to watch nowadays.

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