Gypsy (West End) Review


Momma Rose – Imelda Staunton

Louise – Gemma Sutton

Herbie – Peter Davison

Tulsa – Dan Burton

June – Lauren Hall

Show Date – Tuesday 13th October 2015

Having travelled to London back in April to see Gypsy, a show that I have always dreamed about seeing. When the opportunity came up to go and see it again on another trip I could not resist at all. It is an incredible show from start to finish and I think I was even more excited to see the show this second time. That might have something to do with having front row centre seats? You know with the stage that comes out and they dance round at times, that could possibly be it! Read my first review here!

I have raved about the show since seeing it for the first time and about Imelda Staunton and how amazing she is as Rose. Having also listened to the soundtrack over and over again, I have to admit that I did not do her justice. But I think seeing is believing and she blows the roof off the theatre so many times it’s actually frightening. That is even more she gets to Rose’s Turn, which is without a doubt one of the most difficult pieces to nail in musical theatre in my opinion. The thing is though we don’t have to wait for that moment to be amazed, Staunton does it with so many of the songs you are impressed over and over again! Honestly it really is something special seeing her as Momma Rose, I am truly honoured to have been twice. It is such a good job I don’t live in London though as I would have been so many times I would have lost count by now.

Gotta Get a Gimmick – Seriously this is one of the funniest songs you will find in musical theatre. With the old strippers teaching Louise that you must have something different and special to be a stripper in burlesque. That was even better than I remember, having the audience falling about laughing. But also fair play to the actresses taking on those roles as it cannot be easy standing on stage in hardly any clothes.

From the first time I went to see the show they had cast changes in Louise and June, this was from Monday so it was the second night for Gemma Sutton taking over from Lara Pulver. I thought she did very well in her second show, but I did prefer Pulver in the role as I thought her stage presence and voice was more powerful. At times in this show the music was a little bit loud over Sutton and also Peter Davison. Maybe that is just because Staunton projects so well around the stage/theatre?

This second viewing has confirmed that this is my all time favourite show. Honestly it has a little bit of everything and at least three show stopping songs from start to finish. Some shows now are lucky to have one show stopping song, let alone having several. That does all stem to the performances though, did I mention about amazing Imelda Staunton is? Stage door post!

I cannot recommend this enough if you are in and around London to head to see this truly remarkable entertaining show, it is running until Saturday 28th November 2015. I did try to see if any tickets remained for closing night, but it has already sold out!

In the past few weeks the show has been recorded three times as part of a plan to broadcast it on BBC4 over the Christmas period so at least one thing that will be on UK TV over the festive period is going to be well worth watching!

12 thoughts on “Gypsy (West End) Review

  1. I also saw this in May and June and though I went to stage door twice, I only spoke with Imelda (so gracious and we really had a nice short conversation about how Brits view the show vs. Americans) once, the second time I had a pic taken with Lara, who got away the first time. I am obsessed with the show and the performances, especially by Imelda-alongside Company, which was my first Sondheim musical in NYC in the 70’s, this is by far my most exciting and memorable musical theatre performance. I cry every time I see it and am praying the BBC taping comes out in a buyable DVD or I will die! lol I grew up with this musical, but this-well this is something I always will remember. It may be I may not be able to go to London again form the US and I am so sad. I love the theatre scene there. I also saw Elephant Man, like you did, but I was so tired that I fell asleep in parts of it! Poor Bradley!

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    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog! So pleased to hear your passion and love for the show, it has always been a favourite of mine and so pleased I managed to get to see this twice. I feel exactly the same way about the DVD release let’s hope it happens!


          • Thanks! Are you going to see Funny Girl? Another show of my youth with great sentimentality but it seems Sheridan got mixed reviews. Maybe by the time it transfers it will be amazing. I would love to see it. But I can’t. Hope you have some good ones lined up. I like plays as well.


          • I saw quite a lot of plays last year. I have tickets for 11 different shows for different times this year. But unsure which ones for London on that trip. I am going to see An Inspector Calls in the next couple of weeks!


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