Stage Door – Imelda Staunton

Considering I did not go to the stage door after my previous trip to London to see Imelda in Gypsy. I made sure to make the effort this time I mean come on this is the best performance I have ever seen by anyone on stage like ever. Honestly that is how good Imelda is, and to make it even better she is absolutely incredible at the stage door!

I have to admit that it was very exciting waiting for her to come out and she did not keep us waiting very long. I managed to get a couple of photos as she came out. But then she did not like to pose for photos and the flashes going off, she wanted to look and talk to people which I really thought was just lovely.

She really was such a lovely woman and took interest in what people were saying to her. Stating that it was her job to put on a good show, but she puts on an incredible show. So pleased I decided to head to the stage door as it was totally worth it. Incredible actress and person!

6 thoughts on “Stage Door – Imelda Staunton

  1. […] This second viewing has confirmed that this is my all time favourite show. Honestly it has a little bit of everything and at least three show stopping songs from start to finish. Some shows now are lucky to have one show stopping song, let alone having several. That does all stem to the performances though, did I mention about amazing Imelda Staunton is? Stage door post! […]


  2. I was there the same night as you. Was also impressed when she asked fans to stop using flashes because she wanted to be able to see each person in front of her. Classy.


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