BFI London Film Festival 2015

Pretty good timing to have a trip down to London and that it wasn’t intentionally for the BFI London Film Festival. Yes I know it totally should have been, but that was not the case. Any way a couple of weeks ago I had a little look at the films that were going to be on while I was in the capital, I must have totally missed that The Lady in the Van had Gala screenings. 

But I am going to see a show tonight so not going to get to attend the full on Gala event, being able to see the red carpet they were setting up as I passed earlier. All is not lost though as I have got a ticket to go and see the film at 11:30am tomorrow morning. Fitting it in before heading to see Nicole Kidman in Photograph 51. 

Honestly even just having the ticket is exciting, picking it up from the little ticket hut right in the middle of Leicester Square! I know some people who live in big cities and get to go to loads of Film Festivals and see films first are probably wondering why I am this excited. But not being from a major city, or even close to one which gets film festivals and film premiere’s this is a big deal. 

Also a milestone for Let’s Go To The Movies with it being the first film I will be attending at a Film Festival. Not forgetting my first ever visit going inside Leicester Square, the only thing I have ever done this far is take photos of which ever posters are the most recent or which one last had a premiere. 

The Lobster is another film which is going to be on tonight, as the barriers and posters for that were being set up next to the Vue cinema. Having just been reading about the film it certainly sounds like an interesting one. I did notice that the tickets for this film were all sold out, so the buzz around it must be positive. 

I think I will have to plan ahead next year and make sure I am down for a few days and take in quite a few films, even if that means I have to sacrifice heading to the theatre. Which is what this trip is all about another trip to see Gypsy! 


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