Lovesick (2014) Review

Charlie Darby has a good life, great friends, family and a job he loves. The only problem is that the love of a woman is missing from his near perfect life, due to the fact that whenever he falls for someone he goes clinically insane.

I came across this film on Sky Movies On Demand a few days ago and decided that it sounded like it could either be tragic or have a little bit of charm. Plus of course it has Matt LeBlanc in the title role and let’s face it I still have a soft spot for the Friends cast. I think the main problem with this film is that Charlie really does go absolutely mental towards Molly and does not believe anything that she tells him. This would probably be ok to a certain extent but the way in which he does it is unreal.

If someone did act that way towards you I am sure that you would never want to be anywhere near them again. I think if they had done it in a different way it might have worked better as a film and story. Although I guess a positive thing (not many to pull together) has to be that it is the man who is acting crazy. As let’s face it we have seen this type of obsession and craziness before but it’s always the woman who is a bit mental when it comes to love, so that was a new approach which I can only praise.

I guess it makes you think about how you act if you are in love with someone and what extremes would you go to wondering whether they are where they told you they are. Also mobile phones once again have a lot of answer for, as not replying or answering texts and calls is something that is brought up. So make sure you give someone a chance to reply? They may have even left their phone somewhere . . .

I’m obviously not going to recommend that you quickly go and try to find this film to watch as it really isn’t worth the time. I had never even heard of it until seeing it on Sky’s On Demand. A reminder I guess that people are totally crazy and actually liking/loving some one can really send you over the edge. Will you do that though and then risk pushing them away and losing them.

This can be a pretty scary film if you can relate to any of Charlie’s behaviours. Even worse when he won’t listen to his best friend and those around him, but when it comes to love and attraction do we ever actually stop to listen to anyone? Maybe it is just one of those things that you cannot get over if you act that way to begin with? So the idea was interesting, but was not pulled off in a good way at all. Another thing which was funny but not intentional had to be remember Matt LeBlanc as Joey and the character of Charlie being the total opposite.

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