Macbeth (2015) Review

After a day in battle Macbeth receives a prophecy from three witches that he will one day become King. This encourages his wife to put pressure on him to make it happen.

From the trailers and the cast involved in this big screen outing for the Scottish play it really did look like it was going to be epic. Fassbender seems to do no wrong at all. He is a very strong actor and does show that in his haunting performance as Macbeth. I will also admit that I was looking forward to seeing this as enjoyed Macbeth when at school, ok enjoyed a Shakespeare play might be a little too much. But I felt like I understood the tragedy better than any of the comedies I read.

However, after seeing the film I feel that I did not understand very much of it at all. Maybe it was a bad time to decide to see this one but at times they might have well of spoken in a different language. As I really had no idea what they were going on about most of the time. I could remember a lot of the key moments which I think helped out a lot.

Something that did annoy me however was the inconsistency of the Scottish accent, Fassbender’s drifted in and out and Cotillard had none at all. Thewlis was probably the most impressive and the supporting cast had them going on as well. I know that’s probably a small thing to mention but either have all or nothing when it comes to accents in my opinion. What does everyone else think about this?

I thought Fassbender put in a good performance, but the high standards he has set for himself I actually expected more from him. Especially in the dagger scene which I found to be disappointing, it should have been a hell of a lot more than it actually turned into. Cotillard was disappointing for me, as I didn’t think she showed emotion when she was supposed to in the end eventually admitting that it was all terribly wrong.

It is also not very often that I nod off at the cinema but I certainly did quite a few times for this one. I just feel they could have made a masterpiece with the story and themes from it, instead a lot of the dialogue was just stumbled through. I do not imagine this will be around very long at the cinema. As even on opening night in our 8pm screening it did not have many people, with two walking out.

So I think this one might be best saved for the die-hard Shakespeare fans? Well actually I would like to see what they make of this, as it was very disappointing and in my opinion not worthy of a cinematic release. I am sure reviews for this one are going to vary and it will probably be a love or hate. I am opting for the latter as it really did not give me anything in all honesty.

Have you seen this one, what are your thoughts?

12 thoughts on “Macbeth (2015) Review

  1. Was it the Shakespearean language you found difficult or the accents? Do you typically struggle with that kind of language? I am so excited to see this! Macbeth is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays and I find I usually get used to the style of talking after a few minutes. Do you like the Kenneth Branaugh Shakespeare movies like Henry V?


    • Haven’t seen Henry V. Considering I live the most north in England before reaching Scotland and have a Nanna who is Scottish I really don’t think it was the accent I had a problem with. I had a problem that Fassbender drifted in and out of having the accent and they didn’t bother with Cotillard . . .


  2. it’s still not on the theatre in my country yet.. kinda looking forward to this yet with 0 expectation since it is my fav Shakespearean play.
    We used to have lots of fierce discussion over who’s the real hero/heroine in Macbeth in uni Shakespearean literature class… what I am trying to say is Lady Macbeth is a character too important to screw up and judging from the trailer I doubt Marion Cottilard is a wise choice.


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