The Best of Me (2014) Review

Dawson and Amanda were high school sweethearts, but something tore them apart . . .

It takes pretty much three-quarters of the film to find out what exactly happened to see them end up going there separate ways. It builds up in a few different ways, with current day flashing back to the past and slowly putting the story together. I think the worst thing about the start of the film was that I really wasn’t bothered at all by the characters and did not form any bonds with them. I hope that makes sense? It also took quite a while to get it straight who were the younger versions of the character, surely they could have found someone who even looked a tiny little bit like James Marsden.

It has all the usual clich├ęs and what you expect from a film based on a Nicholas Sparks book, although I think we are now growing very tired of seeing some very poor films coming from them. This is easily the worst I have seen (so far) the ending twist is obvious from the off and even too corny for me, and I love corny love moments. This however just left me feeling more annoyed and cheated rather than anything else.

It was your typical small town with a boy from an awful family and a girl from a higher class family. Wait this has never been done before, like ever has it? I am trying my best not to compare and contrast to other Sparks based films. I mean you will find that I was a fan in the past. Maybe the casting isn’t fantastic in this one? Ok that is clutching at straws a little as I really don’t think anyone could save the awful script that was put together. The story was just awful as well, I realise this is not sounding like a very constructive review . . . But I cannot think of anything positive to report on it at all.

I always hoped that James Marsden would come good as an actor but this film hasn’t done anything to help change my mind at all. Although not much to work with in the character I guess, seriously though I have made myself annoyed again by watching this film and trying to figure out why I didn’t just turn it off. So stay clear of this film as really cannot imagine many people liking it at all.

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