Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) Review

Ethan Hunt and his team are back trying to prove that the Syndicate actually exists ran by a mysterious man as he follows him pretty much across the world.

When an action film opens with a scene involving a man jumping onto a plane as it is taking off and someone he is working with trying to open a door for him to get on board it you know your going to be in for a fast ride. That is true, we get plenty of fast paced scenes from start to finish, the only problem is that by the end it feels like we have already seen this one. Don’t get me wrong though the film is very enjoyable.

Don’t forget that the main thing to remember in this film is that Rouge Nation is part of the title. That is important to remember and good luck trying to work out who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. Who can trust former spy’s and secret service agents when they have decided to go rogue?

The main storyline of the Syndicate is engaging and interesting enough to carry on throughout the film with pretty much only Hunt being the one who believes it exists. The IMF and CIA go head to head which gave us Alec Baldwin (and that made me happy enough, even if his screen time is not massive). So we see the IMF being disbanded which actually meant the work Hunt was doing was Rouge as well. So yes it certainly does keep plenty of that in the film.

We get not only a car chase but mainly motorcycles involved and I will admit that was probably my favourite part. The noise of it and the chase itself was very impressive it has to be said. Who doesn’t like a good chase sequence in an action film?

It ticks all of the boxes that has been pretty much set for action films over the years, so if you are a fan you will not be disappointed. As I mentioned earlier though it does feel like it went on for a little bit too long and I was starting to wonder how much more they could possible squeeze out of the story?

Obviously you know what you are getting with Cruise as Hunt and this is probably the best you will get out of Simon Pegg (yes I am not a fan at all). So I did find myself enjoying this film and it did flow nicely (just for a touch too long).

4 thoughts on “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) Review

  1. It would be nice to watch a Mission:Impossible movie where they didn’t have to “go rogue” or enter “Ghost Protocol” or Hunt wasn’t “on the run” and they could just have a normal mission.


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