I Am Number Four (2011) Review

John appears to be an ordinary teenager just hanging out with his friends, being popular and involved in all of the sports at school. But we are shown that he is certainly not normal at all, and in fact from another planet an alien. His guardian acts as a father and protects him by moving him around different towns.

The aliens are very special and had been moved to earth for protection they can only be killed in number order and receive a message when one of them is killed. So they will know when they are about to be the next in line to be hunted and killed. Throughout this John begins to realise how powerful he is and that he can train himself to become stronger.

Something else happens on his next move he falls in love with Sarah and he is told that they don’t love like humans, once they love it is forever. This causes him some problems when it comes to trying to move along to another town. He is joined by another of his kind in the fight as well though, I did think that they were all going to unite but that isn’t something that we get to see.

I can briefly remember this being released at the cinema but didn’t get round to see it. I guess the biggest compliment I can pay this film though is that I didn’t turn it off when choosing it on Netflix last week. I have been going through the phase of struggling to get into films on it. But I really did find myself engaged and curious with this one, it moved at a good pace, had some good fight and action scenes.

The other aliens did look rather creepy and it also had some rather different CGI monster type things. Yes I have no idea how to really explain them at all but they did look good. I guess a lot of it was predictable but that didn’t really matter as it was a lot better than I ever expected. I am guessing thought that this is a better film for teenagers to enjoy considering the age of the characters.

It seems though that the sequel was shelved after the disappointment this film had at the box office. So it looks as though we won’t be seeing any more in this series, which is a bit of a shame as this one is left pretty open at the end and it was clear that more to the story exists. I would be interested to see what happens next in all honesty, but can also understand why this film didn’t do well at the box office.

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