Blogathon: 7 Childhood Films – Animation

When putting together my 7 Childhood Films for the Childhood Films Blogathon I am hosting I realised that I had not actually put any animated films in! Now that is such a silly thing to do really considering animation is a big part of what you will watch as a child. So I decided to submit another post and have 7 animated films from my childhood in this blog post!

I was never massively into the Disney Princess thing so that will just clarify why not many of them are included in this list. I was going to cheat and include Space Jam with it being part animated but resisted that temptation!

The Lion King

What’s not to like about the Lion King a good mixture of songs, funny moments and some serious drama too. Feel good moments and a good soundtrack, hence why it went on to become a very successful stage musical.

The Little Mermaid

Before we had Finding Nemo we had another under the sea adventure and this involved Mermaids. I have tried to watch this one again in recent months but wasn’t a big fan any more in all honesty.


This was the first film that I ever saw at the cinema and I will admit that I have watched it a few times in the past year. It really does have some great moments and what is not to love about the Genie with Robin Williams proving how fantastic his voice is.

Toy Story

Every kid myself included wished that their toys could come to life after seeing this one. Another which I am sure has lost a little bit of the magic as toys seems to do a lot more than they did back in the 90s. I am sure I still have my Power Rangers toys somewhere.


Believe it or not the Christmas after this film was out my Auntie actually made me my own Pocahontas outfit, I haven’t seen this film for years so should maybe give it a re-watch to see what I think of it now? I vaguely remember thinking that she was pretty kick-ass for a Disney female character?

Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time, the talking household things are very cute. Making you look past how someone looks? A pretty good way to look at things. I still like this one now.


I haven’t seen this one for years but used to like the little mice in it. Yes a very random memory I know. Also giving you hope in the whole rags to riches tale? Of course.

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