Blogathon: 7 Childhood Films

This is post is part of the Childhood Films Blogathon that I am hosting on Let’s Go To The Movies. Read the announcement post – here.

I have decided to keep it in with my 7 Things feature on the blog and have picked 7 of my favourite childhood films and probably some of my all time top watched films!

Just missed out of my list . . . Sister Act


Haven’t put them in any particular order and probably won’t come as much of a surprise due to the banners I created for the Blogathon to begin with!

Jurassic ParkReview

Now this one just had to be included a no brainer at all, considering it was one of the reasons I decided to put the blogathon together. With Jurassic World coming out I revisited this film and really forgot not only how good it is but how much I loved it. Not just as a child but I still love it now as well, sometimes watching a film like this makes you feel very young again. I think that is something to be celebrated about this film!

Mrs DoubtfireReview

Who didn’t want Mrs Doubtfire to look after them as a child? It certainly did look like a whole lot of fun. Even if it was a man dressed up as an old woman. Probably so much wrong with that but it worked so well as such a funny film, but with a heart of gold to go alone with it.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The MovieReview

Now I loved the Power Rangers I guess my list is looking a bit more boy-film heavy, but hey it was the 90s and I was a tomboy so I guess that explains it. Although I did always want to be the Pink Ranger, Kimberly is very kick ass. I also re-watched this film not that long ago thanks to Netflix and while it isn’t the greatest a little part of me still very much enjoyed it with all its familiarity from all those years ago.


Honestly I still cannot resist putting this film on if I see it on Sky Movies, which is a hell of a lot if I am totally honest. Seriously it is always on, but I guess this is a film that probably won’t work with current children. I mean do they even have any idea what a board game is and how to play it? I blame tablets for cheating them of that honour and being able to truly appreciate the magic in this film.

Mary PoppinsReview

Jumping into a chalk drawing, riding a horse from a merry-go-round, medicine that changed colour, flying a kite whilst singing and dancing around. Seriously what is not to love about that, I remember getting to the end of this film and rewinding the VHS and watching it again. Yes I still love this one too ❤

The Sound of MusicReview

Oh yes another Julie Andrews addition in my list, you know I am a musicals lover so couldn’t just have one in this list. I am always very shocked when people say they have never seen this one, as it was another I watched endlessly as a child and loved every single second of it. I think its a rare film that you can like for different reasons at different ages.

Mrs ‘Arris Goes to ParisReview

Now this is a very special childhood film as I watched it was my Nanna and was very much imprinted in my head. It was probably around the start of this blog that I managed to find what the film was called and that it starred Angela Lansbury. It was one of those I could remember the story but could not remember any of the actors, so certainly one of my childhood favourites.


I think its save to say that Robin Williams and Julie Andrews played a big part in my childhood films!

17 thoughts on “Blogathon: 7 Childhood Films

  1. Very cool set of movies to grow up on. Jurrasic Park is all sorts of awesome. Love that one.

    Prepare to be shocked, though. I’ve never seen The Sound of Music. I keep telling myself I am goung to, but whenever the opportunity arises, I find something else to do. Literally. Last year, I think, there was a week or two stretch when it was everywhere because NBC was preparing to show a stage version of it on TV. My wife and daughters were all into it, but I just couldn’t. I wound up in the next room watching something else before it even started. Shame, I know.

    Great post. I am trying get my entry up later today, but it might be tomorrow.

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  2. Oh man, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was my jam! I watched that up until PR: Samurai. The boys were always fighting over who would play the Red Ranger or the Green / White Ranger. I guess you didn’t have that problem. 😛

    Jumanji and Mrs. Doubtfire were on my shortlist for my fave five list. I also was seriously considering Space Jam. That probably would have been the first Honorable Mention if I had included one.


    • Ah I totally forgot about Space Jam! What a film that was!!! A couple of the girls used to fight over the pink and yellow ranger, but I had the water gun so got priority haha


      • I have a story about the Space Jam that will show exactly how ingrained it is with 90s kids. I was at a wedding reception about a year ago for one of my college friends and someone actually requested the DJ to play the Space Jam theme! He didn’t have it so using my phone, I found it on youtube and connected to the speakers. Almost everyone was on the dance floor. I pretty much saved the reception. 😛 Just kidding… but not really…

        Haha Way to assert your dominance!

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  3. You can’t beat Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music but the one I’m happiest to see is Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris! Not enough people know about that sweet film. Angela is terrific as are Omar and Diana Rigg.

    Have you ever read the book? It’s a brisk read, only about 160 pages, and quite wonderful. In fact it was the first in a small series featuring Mrs. Harris in different adventures, I’ve also read Mrs. “Arris Goes to New York which is very enjoyable too. The kicker is that the man who wrote these gentle fables, Paul Gallico, also wrote The Poseidon Adventure!


    • You don’t know how happy it made me to read your comments about Mrs ‘Arris mainly because hardly anyone has heard of it! I haven’t read any of the books but have seen that was what it was based on. Thanks for stopping by and making me smile a lot! 🙂


      • I was really delighted to find someone else who knew about it and liked it as well.

        Love the idea of the blogathon, I came over from Dell on Movies when I saw his entry, but I don’t have a blog so I’ll just toss up some of the childhood movies I loved here if that’s okay. I’ve always been a big movie buff and there were so many I loved even as a kid but I’ll stick to your limit of seven. I don’t know if these were my ultimate favorites but they are all ones I discovered as a kid and was a big fan of.

        Those Calloways-Disney film about a family struggling to protect the wildlife in their New England woods in the mid 1800’s.

        Blackbeard, the Pirate-I LOVED this movie when I was really young. Robert Newton could not possibly have been hammier as Blackbeard, but it was all sailing on the bounding main in vivid color on cool ships. This is where I fell for Linda Darnell, she’s still my favorite actress to this day, as BB’s beautiful captive and Granny Clampett (Irene Ryan) is all dolled up as her maidservant whose fondness for drink causes all kinds of trouble.

        The Adventures of Robin Hood & Dodge City-Both starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland-The story of the first is obvious & living in the forest seemed SO exciting at the time. The second is a great action packed western, Errol’s always battling someone or jumping on or off a horse. I still love them both.

        River of No Return-Marilyn Monroe, Robert Mitchum and his young son spend almost the entire running time traveling down the river on a raft through the Canadian Rockies!!! It was so exciting when I was younger, now I notice that Marilyn’s make-up is never less than perfect and many of the raft scenes are rear projection but it’s still a decent film.

        Auntie Mame-Rosalind Russell is a whirling dervish of madcap energy, I wanted to live in that apartment that she was constantly redecorating. She was mad as a hatter but so loving.

        The Trouble with Angels-Roz Russell again as the Mother Superior running a school where Hayley Mills and June Harding drive her to distraction raising hell with one scathingly brilliant idea after another.


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