28 Today!

I am 28 years old today.

Ahhh pushing to close to 30 for my liking!

But anyway Happy Birthday to me!!!

I am going to use this blog post to put together my favourite film from each year since I was born, just want to clarify that I have picked favourites so therefore might not actually be the greatest film in the world!

1987 – Dirty Dancing

1988 – Big

1989 – When Harry Met Sally

1990 – Pretty Woman

1991 – Father of the Bride

1992 – A Few Good Men

1993 – Jurassic Park

1994 – Pulp Fiction

1995 – Toy Story

1996 – The English Patient

1997 – As Good As It Gets

1998 – The Mask of Zorro

1999 – American Beauty

2000 – Billy Elliot

2001 – Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

2002 – Chicago

2003 – Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

2004 – Million Dollar Baby

2005 – Walk the Line

2006 – Casino Royale

2007 – Juno

2008 – The Dark Knight

2009 – An Education

2010 – Black Swan

2011 – Bridesmaids

2012 – Skyfall

2013 – Frozen

2014 – Birdman

2015 – None so far!

29 thoughts on “28 Today!

  1. happy birthday caz!

    Great list. I’m happy to say that Ive seen all of them and enjoyed most of them. (Not a fan at all of Choicago and I’m not sure I understood Black Swan. Ive seen PIrates, but have never seen any of the sequels)

    For the blogathon, do u want me to send my two reviews or just post them on Sat or Sun and send u the link?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!

      Chicago certainly seems to be a film more for musical fans I think. Still love it and it really confirmed and started my love of Theatre as was so obssessed with the film that I went to see it in London.

      If you post over the weekend and send me the link, will put the main blogathon post up on Saturday morning then keep adding everyone’s posts 🙂


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