Ted 2 (2015) Review

Ted has gotten married to the love of his life Tami-Lynn but a year later they are fighting and arguing all the time. They decide the way to fix this was to have a baby. Yes you can work out the main problem with that, but after trying to then adopt it is brought to the attention that Ted is not actually recognised as a person.

Yes seriously that is the main plot of this film. I cannot believe I actually bothered to go and see it in all honesty. I wasn’t a big fan of the first one and it was clear from the start the same jokes would be recycled in this sequel. Such a shame as Seth MacFarlane is very talented and I have grown to expect more from him, I actually love Family Guy.

I did laugh a couple of times but I cannot really say what they were now. I will admit that the New York scenes were decent at Comic Con and created some good moments. Let’s face it people dressed up as different characters is nearly always funny without them really doing anything.

I guess we can only take so much of a swearing and rude teddy bear, some of the jokes are old now and it needed a little bit more than that. So it did try to have a little bit more of a heart with the whole trial and building up a different slant on the story. This just bored me even more in all honesty, I thought it got tedious and was predictable how everything was going to play out.

The addition of Amanda Seyfried did not help in my opinion as I am not a fan of hers at all. I did like the Gollum references and thought that was actually very funny. I felt Wahlberg was wasted in the film and not given a massive amount to really work with. I think he deserves better than a film like this as he has put in some fantastic performances in the past.

I have struggled to be constructive in this review in all honesty, I probably wouldn’t have gone to see this film if anything else had come out this weekend. It has been a pretty slow time for films at the cinema in the last couple of weeks. I think we seem to get the big blockbusters a lot earlier than the summer now which has left the opportunity for this type of film/sequel to have a cinema release. Unfortunately.

I do hope that Seth MacFarlane can come up with someone new and fresh for his next film outing as he really does have a lot of talent. But maybe he will just get stuck in the same type of jokes within whatever story he attempts? Let’s hope he can prove me wrong with that.

6 thoughts on “Ted 2 (2015) Review

  1. Nice Review, i was a fan of the first one and this was pretty much more of the same typical sequel, it was a hell of a lot better than A Million Ways though. i loved the Liam Neeson cameo

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  2. Shame you didn’t like it. I loved the first one and I was really surprised at how much I loved this one too as I didn’t care for the trailers at all.

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