Stage Door – Bradley Cooper

So my recent trip down to London I went to see The Elephant Man – Review here. I had to try and see Bradley Cooper at the stage door, so prior to the show I checked out where about’s it was so I could head quickly round at the end. This was successful and very good. As you will see soon though it did not all go to plan at all . . .

We didn’t have to wait too long for Bradley to come out of the stage door and all of the barriers around the outside, I managed to get a good position and was told he works his way round. This happened as you can see.

As he was getting even closer it was starting to get more exciting and I was starting to think about how to get my phone to try and get a selfie with the man himself.

So here comes my absolute fail . . . I had the camera facing so I could see myself as he went past, he was right in the photo but I didn’t press enough times and this happened . . . . . .

So there you have it my selfie with Bradley Cooper . . . Oh wait that should be Bradley’s hand and a very small part of his face/hair 😦 honestly I am still so devastated about this! *cries* and *cries even more*

In all that effort and panic I didn’t really get any massively good photos, but it was rather difficult, the downside of going to the stage door alone!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get as close as these two lucky people got!

There you have it . . . How not to get a selfie with Bradley Cooper at the stage door. He was lovely though and signed lots and stopped for photos too.

11 thoughts on “Stage Door – Bradley Cooper

  1. Holy cow, so many people – far more than I’ve ever seen waiting outside a west end stage door. Were there tons of people who didn’t see the show that swarmed for an autograph? Because that makes me so mad when people do that.

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    • Yeah there was a girl who hadn’t been in to see the play and didn’t even know who Patricia Clarkson was . . . They should ticket the stage door as well haha.

      You should search for some of the photos and videos from the first few nights, that looked even crazier!

      I was much more successful last year with Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan.


    • Thanks Allie. Yeah it was still a good experience, I will now make sure if I ever meet a famous person I will just press over and over again and hope at least one photo comes out right!


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