Minions (2015) Review

This is a prequel looking into how the Minions eventually found Gru! Everyone seems to love the little yellow guys and they get a big screen outing of their very own.

The film takes us on an adventure to see how the minions have spent many years trying to find an evil master to serve. This creates some rather amusing moments which I do believe were also on the trailer, showing how the minions had been at many historic time periods.

Kevin, Stuart and Bob decide to leave the home they have set up as everyone is getting depressed (yes really) to go and find an evil master to serve. This takes them on many journeys until they eventually find a master who they think is evil enough in Scarlett Overkill. She is pretty crazy but without even trying the minions manage to annoy and disappoint her, just by the luck of what is happening to them.

I must mention the soundtrack used in the film, some absolutely fantastic songs from start to finish. I was very impressed with the different choices in songs really helping to show which time period we were in. Rock music was what it was all about, I guess quite a strange choice for a film mainly for children.

I like the parts in England and the inclusion of Queen Elizabeth, also rather amused by the British stereotypes. I think the best thing to say about this film is that I went with a 4-year-old and it was the best he has sat through a film yet at the cinema. He was very excited and it just shows how much children love the little yellow guys. Hearing the laughter at different parts from the children and adults show that it was well catered for.

It does bring you ready for the start of Despicable Me, but are prequel’s really the best idea? I am still undecided on that in all honesty. Especially for children trying to explain it was actually before those other two films that can be quite confusing. I am sure it will be a big box office hit!

I don’t think it was as good as Despicable Me as we lose a little bit with the Minions having their own language and not being able to speak properly. It does make you wonder if this is the best thing for children to be watching. Oh also always check information about your screening as I picked the audio descriptive one . . . So everything was subtitled, first time I have ever managed to do that though.

A good addition to the serious and capitalizing on how successful minions have been, you cannot go into a shop without seeing something  with a minion on. Also plenty of people wearing all kinds of clothes as well, our cinema had a little build up house where you could take photos as well. Obviously this is something you just have to do right?

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