Knock Knock (2015) Review

Evan a happily married man is left alone for the weekend when his wife and children go to the beach, he stays to work. But one knock on the door is going to change everything, when two young girls are standing in the rain asking for help . . .

I honestly don’t even know how or where I am going to start with this review as this film is truly awful. Ok I guess that’s as good a place as any to start! Pretty much let’s you know my thoughts on it without reading anything else, I am now going to try to explain exactly why it was awful . . .

Don’t get me wrong it was hilarious from start to finish and that was mainly due to the acting (if you can call it that) from Keanu Reeves who surely had better takes at some of the awful lines he was given. But for a film that was supposed to be a horror/thriller you don’t expect to laugh much or even at all really.

The film starts in the usual way of something in this genre with the happy family, everyone enjoying themselves and everything being all normal. So you are just waiting for when everything is going to turn very wrong. Don’t have to wait a massive amount of time for this to happen, but the build up did have you wondering exactly what was going to happen next.

Genesis and Bel are very messed up. On a level you cannot even imagine, some of the things they do to Evan they pretty much torture him after what you can only say is raping him. Possible a strange statement to make but come on let’s face it if this film was the other way round with two men and a woman it would be a totally different story. So is this film trying to show that men are easy and can be very easily manipulated into cheating and doing wrong?

There’s so many things wrong with that but I can understand (just) the point trying to be made here. Even if it was totally pathetic. Especially when it takes a sick turn in saying that they are underage with some absolutely awful bad taste scenarios. That is when I realised that this film was very different to what I expected. I just could not help but think why? Why was this film made and how on earth did it manage to get a cinema release?

Although the end scene did make for the best comedy moment I have seen all year at the cinema and it had everyone at our screening laughing uncontrollably – yes that is how bad it was. Surely a different ending would have finished it off better than something to do with social media.

Please do not put yourself through this film, it really is not worth it at all.

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