The Apartment (1960) Review

C.C. Baxter finds himself quickly rising within the company he is working for, but has the fact he allows the executives a key to his apartment got something to do with it? His neighbours think he is the ultimate bachelor but that is far from the truth, everything seems to work out until he falls in love with one of the girls.

This review is after my second viewing of the film, as for some reason I did not write a review after my first viewing. Yes I have no idea why either! But it is such a good film and one I would watch many more times in all honesty. Still on Netflix UK and has been for quite a while now. It has some fantastic performances, I really need to watch more of Jack Lemmon as he really was such a talented actor. Shirley MacLaine is always brilliant as well, and that is no different in this film.

So Baxter must deal with being pressured into giving his key to many of the men who work above him as they play away from their wives as if it was nothing. All taking turns on different nights to get the key to the apartment. Surely this film must have been very shocking back in 1960 when it was first released. They manage to deal with that subject matter in a good way and show many different ways how it can go terribly wrong.

You cannot help but feel sorry for Baxter as they pretty much end up blackmailing him with losing his job. He just seemed to be quite oblivious to what the men where doing to him to begin with. But he does turn out to be a good guy and does the right thing in the end. It paints different pictures for the women that the men are using throughout and Fran certainly ends up in a very bad way because of it all.

Baxter unaware that Fran is one of the women who has been taken to his apartment is trying his best to get her to go out with him and really making a massive effort. The mirror scene when he finds out she is having an affair with Sheldrake is pretty hard-hitting, you can see his heartbreaking and the devastation just from that small scene. She still has no idea what he has just worked out and why he suddenly changes.

Don’t get me wrong though as the film does have its lighthearted and funny moments as well. It gets a good balance to keep the story serious but not too serious. I really do find it to be such a well put together film, with some fantastic quotes about love, all different types of love. It has plenty on offer for you to get into that is for sure. It also makes you wonder if things have always been the same over 60 years since this film was made and this type of thing probably still happening.

If anyone can recommend which Jack Lemmon films I should watch next that would be much appreciated!

17 thoughts on “The Apartment (1960) Review

  1. I love movies about work and this is one of my favorites. How far will Baxter compromise in order to get that corner office? It’s a question we all have to ask ourselves- how much of our integrity will we sacrifice to get ahead? I love it.

    Jack Lemmon is in another movie about work called Glengary Glen Ross.

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  2. Oh yes, Caz! Jack Lemmon was 1 of Hollywood’s great entertainers.
    I think w agree that Some Like It Hot was his best film.
    I can heartily recommend The Odd Couple (1968) and The Out of Towners (1970), both wonderfully written by th great Neil Simon.

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  3. Prisoner of Second Avenue. Its a wonderful tender film about a middle-aged man losing his job and trying to survive in a hot summer in Manhattan. It might sound depressing but it isn’t, its life-affirming and quite funny.Jack Lemmon is wonderful in it. But then again, he was so wonderful in everything he did. Also try Avanti and How To Murder Your Wife, both lovely comedies. Crikey, there’s a whole list of Lemmon films you need to see…


    • Thanks, I am certainly starting to work my way through them. Using Netflix to begin with 🙂 thanks for the comments and suggestions!


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