The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) Review

Four years after the disaster of Jurassic Park, John Hammond tells Ian Malcolm that there was a site B also set up. But in a different way, allowing the dinosaurs to survive on their own and adapt to the environment.

As Hammond has been taken off the board of his own company it is not in his hands anymore what happens to site B. Up to his old tricks of getting people to want to head to the island, he in a way blackmailed Malcolm to head out considering he has already sent his girlfriend Sarah Harding to take samples and monitor how the dinosaurs are getting on.

The only problem with Hammond’s idea of just observing and checking in is that another team is also heading out to capture different species of the dinosaurs and bring them back to the main land US with a few of a theme park made up of them. So as you can see this is not going to end well at all, seriously is a dinosaur park ever going to really work?

It had been a very long time since I last watched this film and I must admit some parts of it I could not remember at all. Mainly how the film started with Malcolm meeting up with Hammond. Even though he has very bad memories of Jurassic Park, as soon as he know Sarah is out on site B he must then get straight out. He tells everyone over and over again that it is going to end badly, he hates everything. Add in that his daughter Kelly hides so ends up on the island too!

This all causes more stress for Malcolm as he must also project his daughter throughout the crazy adventure on the new island. I think the main problem with this film is that it lacks the tension and suspense which the first supplied. It lost the edge as it was more predictable and not as much thought into the story. Other than trying to show the dinosaurs on an island in a slightly different way.

I totally forgot that Vince Vaughn was in this as well, he was by no means the worst thing in it. I actually quite enjoyed his character, came off as one of the better characters. Although not a great bunch to choose from, we get some pretty crazy deaths again as the dinosaurs seek prey. Rolando Tembo played by Pete Postlethwaite is a hunter who takes no mercy in his task to capture the dinosaurs but doesn’t really add anything of value to the film.

One of the best scenes has to be seeing the T. Rex actually around the city when it gets back to the US. That was different and pretty cool to watch. But overall this film lacks a lot of things, the main thing I can actually remember about this one as a kid was having a book which was from the point of view of being Kelly’s friend and you picked different options which changed the story. Probably a strange thing to remember but that book was very cool!

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