Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (UK Tour) – Sunderland


Lawrence – Michael Praed

Freddy – Noel Sullivan

Christine – Carley Stenson

Andre – Mark Benton

Muriel – Geraldine Fitzgerald

Show Date: Tuesday 9th June 2015

The story is set around two con men who decide to take on a bet and the loser must leave town for good. But who exactly is playing the better game? It has plenty of twists and turns as they try to out do each other and win the bet, proving who is the best at conning someone.

Considering I did not really know much about this show, other that it being a massive hit in the West during it’s run. It was delightful and hilarious from start to finish. I honestly laughed so much at the lines and lyrics, it really was a joy to watch. Sometimes not knowing anything about a show can be a very good thing. That was certainly the case with this one, I would recommend you not to miss out as it really is worth watching.

Michael Praed is fantastic in the lead role and really does have incredible stage presence. With so much charm and charisma to carry off the role as Lawrence it really is a joy to watch him pull out all of the stops to prove he is the very best. Also having to do plenty of different accents, I must say his German part was even more hilarious.

Noel Sullivan as Freddy was 100 miles an hour from when he first appeared on stage and that did not stop until it finished. This is the second show I have now seen him in after Rock of Ages last year, it really does show how he can take on different acting and singing challenges with them both being totally different types of shows.

Mark Benton as Andre managed to steal quite a few of the moments with his hilarious French accent and general way he moved about on the stage, certainly added even more to the show in a different comedic manner. Very impressive.

Carley Stenson as Christine was eccentric and over the top from the first time we meet the so-called Soap Queen from America. I mean come on that alone is even funny. She has a very good singing voice and worked very well with both Sullivan and Praed.

The musical numbers were very catchy and even the music has a happy-go-lucky feel to it and manages to make you smile before any words are added to it. I honestly have to say that it is delightful (yes again) but it is just fantastic. Quite possibly the funniest show I have seen with incredible charm. Maybe I have time to catch it again before it moves onto the next place in the tour? Not forgetting to mention the whole incredible cast who perform some fantastic dance routines and back up vocals.

I cannot recommend giving this show a try, as you will not be disappointed at all. Laughs from the very first to the very last-minute, but it does have some very interesting points and deep moments. You grow to care about the characters even if they are dirty and rotten. They are so charming at the same time!

Check the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels website for more tour dates!

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