Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993) Review

Delores is back for a second adventure and it doesn’t take long before she has the habit back on and is Sister Mary Clarence again helping out the nuns she became friends with after hiding out in the convent in the first film. This time though she must be a teacher for the music class, can she work her magic for the second time?

This time though she must convince a class of teenagers that singing in a choir and in front of people can be a good thing. She really does have her work cut out, but luckily one of the singers is Lauryn Hill. They are hard work but she soon makes them realise that they can help save the school which is getting closed very soon.

With the help of the other sisters it is not long before they are making things happen. As always though trouble does seem to follow Dolores around and she is watched very closely by the fathers who also teach at the school. Probably a little bit amusing that no one actually heard about the story of a showgirl posing as a nun with the pope attending and everything, but we can let that slide as this film as just as enjoyable as the first.

Certainly one of the films I still love watching now as watched it so many times as a kid in the 90s. We certainly did have some good films to watch. I mean James Coburn is the evil guy in this and just think of the incredible career he had. Quite amusing really that this would be the film that I would think of him from!

I always find it more difficult to review a film I have probably seen hundreds of times, but this is one of them that I cannot resist if I see it on TV. I just have to watch it, sing along and still get excited to see the end. I think that’s the difference with this film you actually care about them all. Probably coming from the first film with Delores hiding out and then coming back for more in this one.

I always think the Sister Act films are ones you should have seen with it being one of my most watched from being a kid. I guess Whoopi Goldberg was a big hit in the 90s and I have seen most of her comedies from that period, actually maybe a couple from the 80s as well.

Sister Act Review

14 thoughts on “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993) Review

  1. Great review yo. This film is one of my favourite films to watch because of the nostalgic value, but also because it’s a lot of fun. Like you I’ve seen this film countless times since childhood and it would be hard for me to talk about it without having a slightly biased view towards it. SA2 is a great film, and I remember reading how a lot of people think it’s inferior to the first, but I just look at the film as different kind of adventure for Sister Mary Clarence and it helps that the story is heartfelt, has great and memorable chaarcters and the songs are frigging awesome!


  2. I actually like this one a lot better than the original. The story was completely generic, but it does such a great job with the characters I can look past that. And Lauryn Hill nails it!

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