ZBOX – Marvellous


A few days ago I was contacted from someone at Zavvi who asked if I would be interested in receiving a ZBOX, well I had no idea what actually it was so had a little look and the fact they wanted to send me a box containing Marvel items the obvious answer was yes please! It only took a few days for it to arrive as well, so the excitement started this morning when opening to see which goodies would be in. Ok I mean to find out which Avenger I was going to get as the incredible POP! figure. So this is how the opened up box looked . . . packed with plenty of different things to have a look through. Don’t worry though I have taken individual pictures so you can have a closer look! 🙂 The first thing I spotted when opening the box was this Spider-Man Scaler which you can attach to headphones or anything with a cord/wire. Something you could certainly have fun with placing it in so many different places. The next thing I turned over was the POP! figure as I did see on the website that you could get any of the Avengers. So I guess there wasn’t really going to be any disappointment as let’s face it they are all so cool in many different ways. I have got Thor, but this isn’t just a normal POP! figure it is a bobble head figure!!! Armed with his hammer and looking pretty cool, the now second POP figure in my collection . . . I am going to have to start buying more of them now. Also got some exclusive Avengers Topps Hero Attax trading cards. But don’t worry you also get a special little tin to keep them in as well! You also get a copy of Total Film magazine, this is something that I have not bought for years so looking forward to giving it a read and seeing if it has changed much since I last bought it or not. Obviously an Avenger is on the front and has gotten angry and broken the Film part of the title! That isn’t the only thing that you get to read though, also included is a comic book . . . Secret Wars. Which has characters from all over the Marvel Universe involved in it. Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy and many many more that we already know and love in the world of film. A possible glimpse into where the film universe could be heading? There’s more though you get a DVD to watch as well. Stan Lee’s Superhumans – season one. One last thing to mention is that you get a set of tattoos as well, perfect if you have kids or any in your family to pass them onto! So as you can see you get plenty of different things in the ZBOX. I certainly had a lot of fun opening it up and having a look at all of the different items. Make sure you check them out on the Zavvi website – HERE They have different deals set up if you want to sign up to receive a box each month as if you buy a one off box it will cost £19.99. Which isn’t bad at all when everything inside them total up to about £30. To save more money the plans are as follows:

£19.49 per month for a 3 month plan

£18.99 per month for a 6 month plan

£18.49 per month for a 12 month plan

Subscriptions HERE

Anyone else ever had a ZBOX or do you know want one?

23 thoughts on “ZBOX – Marvellous

      • 1UP box reveals their theme in advance. But Arcade/Nerd/Horror Block doesn’t. And they don’t usually have themes but if you’ve subscribed, they send you newsletters hinting the exclusive item or whatnot.


        • That sounds pretty good then that you get hints so you can try and guess whether you like the sound of it or not. It is exciting opening boxes that your not entirely sure what is going to be inside though!

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  1. Recently gave up Geekbox because the goods inside were not worth the cost (aside from the t-shirt) I’ll keep an eye on this one because I could be tempted.

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