Spy (2015) Review

Susan Cooper works for the CIA but is stuck at a desk all day helping out analysing the risks mainly for Bradley Fine. But one day all of that is about to change . . .

This may start out like a very serious spy film with the opening scene. But don’t worry we don’t have to wait long for the first laugh at a very random moment, when a sneeze and then swearing changes it all really. It’s that moment that you remember that this is in fact a comedy film. Don’t worry though it has all different kinds of jokes and slapstick moments to cover all types of comedy. I think that is the main reason why this film works so well as you will find at least one thing in it that is hilarious.

Yes you are reading this correctly I am so far praising a comedy film. Big shock eh? Well maybe, it has been a while since I have liked a comedy film. I certainly did enjoy this one from start to finish. Melissa McCarthy has got herself back in my good books after a few disappointing films in a row. Also must mention how great Jason Statham was in the film as well, especially when a lot of his dialogue seems to be pushing to the limit and making jokes out of his usual characters and films he has been in.

Susan is very likeable and you cannot help but feel sorry for her and best friend Nancy. Nothing really seems to go well for them in any part of their lives. So when Susan gets her chance to go out into the field she is obviously very excited but you cannot wonder how far out of her comfort zone she is going to end up. Things certainly do take some crazy turns, which work out to be hilarious at the same time.

I was impressed with Rose Byrne in this film as well, with her slightly evil character who gets involved in some good exchanges with McCarthy. They do work very well together. I think a breakout in terms of film performance has to go to Miranda Hart as Nancy, very pleased to see a British actress doing very well from being in a TV sitcom to then having her own and now in a big film! She did bring another different comedy edge to the film. A bit of a different type of film for Jude Law, even if he does not have the biggest role was good to see him going for this type of thing.

Always a good thing to have different styles of comedy in one film, the way lines were delivered, swearing-in a comedic way as well as some standard falling off/over things. It just has to have something for everyone in that sense. I found myself laughing at a few of these different methods of making people laugh. I think this is the perfect film to watch if you haven’t had a very good day or even week. It will take your mind off that and make you smile or laugh throughout.

I certainly do recommend a trip to the cinema to catch this one and it will not fail to make you laugh. Oh did I mention Jason Statham? Ah yes of course I did, he was just brilliant. The plot does have a few twists as well to make a good story to go along with all of the laughs. Obviously left ready for Spy 2.

17 thoughts on “Spy (2015) Review

  1. Great review Caz! I saw SPY earlier today and loved it! It was too much fun! I laughed aloud from start to finish! I’m a big fan of Melissa McCarthy and she’s been my favorite comedy actress since I saw her star in BRIDESMAIDS and especially – TAMMY. Loved Rose Byrne being out of character and being a b**ch, Jason Statham be whiny and mean and just seeing Jude Law is always a treat. The actor who played the stereotype of an Italian male was too hilarious! I’d see this again! And I don’t usually watch comedies more than once. This movie made my day and can’t wait to hear news there’s hopefully a SPY 2 around the corner!


    • So pleased you feel exactly the same way about this film as I did. I’m not usually a big fan of comedies either so very refreshing that I enjoyed this one 🙂


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