The Last Five Years (2015) Review

Cathy is a struggling actress and we see her love the affair with novelist Jamie unfold in flashback form and in song with what exactly happened over the last five years.

Obviously being a big lover of musicals I had wanted to see this film from the first time I saw the trailer. Jeremy Jordan was also in Smash which failed half way into its second season but he is a good performer (and gorgeous) works well with Anna Kendrick who shows that she does have a good voice in this film.

I guess it’s a different way to show a love story considering at the beginning we already no that its all over. But we are taken on the journey to find out exactly why it is all over. It made me feel very sad at times as you could see what was going to happen next and just knew Jamie was going to be the one who slipped up.

You can get that the love was real and how people grow apart, success for one persons career can mean destroying the other person when it comes to a relationship. I think that is something that this film really helps to highlight. I liked the different ways they managed to communicate with each other. It hurts to see how real it all was, some brilliant shots of New York mixed in with some original songs straight from the off-Broadway show it is based on.

But I am not sure if many of them are massively memorable, I guess I would have to listen to the soundtrack a few times to refresh my memory. It was very cute at times, but then the destruction of the relationship does leave a bad taste in your mouth. It has to be the real feel that it has, I have though just read that the writer of the musical based it on his failed marriage. I think you can tell that it is based on a real relationship which went wrong.

It is not very often that the two characters actually sing together, they more sing at each other with very little dialogue included. It is a great idea of how a musical can be done in a different way with not many characters involved at all. I will give this another watch or two as did find myself enjoying it. As heartbreaking as it all is.

Kendrick and Jordan both do give it their all from start to finish and have nice voices to listen to when it comes to the songs. A believable choice for them being together as the chemistry is very good.

3 thoughts on “The Last Five Years (2015) Review

  1. Give a listen to the original off-Broadway recording, with Norbert Leo Butz and Sherie René Scott (preferable, imo, to the 2nd off-B’way recording, with Betsy Wolfe and Adam Kantor, though it’s good too). Best to listen to the cd, as the way the songs move from one to the next is very effective, musically, and that gets messed up when hearing it online, with breaks~such a basic problem for many recordings, keeping me devoted to my cds.


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