Mermaids (1990) Review

Cher is Mrs Flax an unconventional mother who has dragged her daughters from place to place when life gets tough.

The whole story is told by Charlotte the eldest daughter, which includes voice over and being able to hear her thoughts. What she really wants to be saying to her mother, but just cannot quite manage it. We get her coming of age story as well as exploring her sexuality. Even though she claims that she wants to become a nun to live a pure life.

She clashes a lot with her mother as she just wants to stay in one place for longer than they have done in the past. She is sick and tired of having to run all of the time. Everything begins to change as Mrs Flax meets and starts dating Lou, a man who must be totally different type to those she normal goes for. He is charming and great with the girls, obviously he is just too nice for her at times.

Kate the youngest daughter and the movie debut for Christina Ricci is just totally cute from start to finish and looks like she’s having a great time in the film. A very good swimmer and this leads to some lovely scenes involving the family. Especially what Lou does with the bedroom, honestly that is such a lovely moment.

This is one of those films that I remember watching years ago but hadn’t actually seen it for many years. When I saw it had recently been added on Netflix UK I just had to watch it, and it still carries plenty of messages watching it today. You also remember just how good Bob Hoskins is as well. With also the potential of Winona Ryder’s career, which didn’t quite come off at all.

So as far as a coming of age film and about relationships between a mother and her daughters this is still a good film to watch. Even though it is quite scary that it is from 1990! If like myself you have not seen it for many years I really do recommend that you give it another watch while you can on Netflix. Let’s face it Cher was pretty good in some films and this is one of them!


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