San Andreas (2015) Review

California and San Fransisco are hit with many earthquakes which increase in size with each hit. Ray a rescue chopper pilot has promised to find and save his daughter.

There’s something just great about watching a disaster movie, maybe it is part of my guilty pleasures when it comes to cinema? Quite possible and let’s face it this one as The Rock in it. I have been enjoying his films more and more with each one, he really has grown over the years and can really hold a film together now.

There’s no messing about with the film as it starts as it means to go on with a pretty awful car crash which results in it hanging on a cliff. Just to show exactly what Ray and his team do on a daily basis to save people. It has some incredible scenes with the destruction caused by the earthquakes which happen.

Paul Giamatti is a great choice for scientist Lawrence, he just fits perfectly into that role and you believe him. Along with his colleague they work out that they can predict earthquakes. He then needs to figure out how they can begin to warn people about how bad the following quakes are going to be and give people a chance to try to get to safety.

The storyline on a whole which isn’t massively strong, very much reminded me of ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ with a father fighting across to find their child. I am a big fan of that film so the fact it was similar but instead of the big freeze this was earthquakes. It doesn’t take much to watch and follow this one, but it does have some very impressive scenes.

I guess when we are from the UK and watching this type of film about these natural disasters we have to think we are lucky that we don’t have to worry about any of these type of things. Which is a constant worry for people in different countries, especially different parts of the US. Hopefully this doesn’t scare a lot of people in the west coast.

I really would recommend this film, surely it is a very early summer blockbuster? I think The Rock really has done well to become this action star. I still cannot help but call him that instead of Dwayne Johnson. But I would think by now that he has a lot of new fans who did not know him from wrestling. Quite funny really as I did not like him when I used to watch the wrestling when I was younger (team Triple H) but I certainly love him in films now.

So if you like to see things destroyed and some impressive CGI going on then this is certainly the film for you. Don’t forget that at times it is over the top and Ray is indestructible and can fly or drive pretty much anything!

7 thoughts on “San Andreas (2015) Review

  1. I just saw it last night at a screener and for was so spectacularly bad that was good.. I know that makes sense somehow because it’s true. ha! Posted my review on it earlier and I will say, being as I live in LA.and yes according to this film we are DOOMED!! And having been through quite a few big ones..and being petrified of them.. as yes, they are awful, but for some reason I couldn’t stop laughing probably not supposed to..and while I know it can happen at barely scares me into making another earthquake kit! 😀

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  2. Having seen the film this afternoon Critics are going to rip it apart (and rightly so) but I think mass audiences are going to like it (and rightly so). If you want an event movie then San Andreas delivers – I recognise its entertainment value but I’m not going to pretend I liked it. It’s just a little bit too stupid.

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