Only the Lonely (1991) Review

Danny Muldoon a cop in Chicago must eventually break free from his mother to find love and a life of his own. Which is easier said than done . . .

Everything changes on the day Danny meets Theresa, a very shy and reserved funeral home worker. He really does try his best to make a massive effort with her but his mother Rose does not make it easy for the couple at all. She is pretty rude about everyone and takes her Irish roots very seriously, therefore anyone who is not Irish better watch out for her cruel tongue.

This is a typical nice guy role for John Candy, seriously you cannot help but like him. He is nearly always the same type of character but he does it so well so that isn’t a massive problem. He brings the charm to this film and it is pretty cute. By no means does that mean I am going to tell you to quickly go and watch this film, like right now.

It is cute and worked well for me last night after a bad day when I couldn’t really be bothered to watch anything. It filled a little whole and does have some decent performances even if you are frustrated that Danny cannot get away from the grasp of his mother. Maureen O’Hara was certainly very impressive as the very psycho mother, ok maybe not psycho but she had to let her son have a life.

You do pity Danny and feel sorry for him from start to finish, hoping he will eventually do the right thing. Theresa takes quite a while to come out of her shell. But you will soon realise that they are meant to be together, they just fit. It will make you think about soul mates and if everyone does have a match out there somewhere. A little bit of hope.

Every now and then I do seem to watch this type of film on Netflix UK and they certainly are a little bit of a change and a film I would never have even heard of if it wasn’t for Netflix. Who doesn’t like John Candy? He is worth watching as he really does have a special ability to make you smile in different roles and this one is no different.

11 thoughts on “Only the Lonely (1991) Review

  1. I saw this one many years ago and thought it was a sweet film with two highly likable stars in Ally Sheedy and John Candy. There was definite chemistry between the characters and you were certainly right about Maureen O’Hara; I remember that I hated her for her overbearing ways. Great review!


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