Chalet Girl (2011) Review

Kim a former skateboarding champion is haunted by her mother’s death and while trying to help support her father takes a job as a Chalet Girl to make more money.

This film is certainly a guilty pleasure of mine and I saw it at the cinema on its release I do believe it was also an advanced screening. So I was actually really surprised that I had not reviewed it on the blog. Anyway I am going to correct that now! I guess it’s quite amusing really as I did not appreciate Ed Westwick as much as I do now (yes I caught up and became obsessed with Gossip Girl). Also quite an early role for Felicity Jones who shot to superstardom in The Theory of Everything this year, with an Oscar nomination.

It is a very cute film that manages to have friendship a love story and a story of doing what you love. Snowboarding becomes Kim’s new past time and links back to her skateboarding days. It really did make me want to try snowboarding even more than I already wanted too. Working a ski season does look like a lot of fun!

Obviously an added bonus in this film is that Bill Nighy plays the dad and is his usual fantastic self with some great moments and lines. It really is a good British film where Bill Bailey also makes an appearance as Kim’s father back in the UK. It certainly is one of the better British films in recent years and you should certainly give it a watch for something nice and light to watch.

Did I mention Bill Nighy is in it? Oh yeah oops I did that already. Honestly he is just great and pretty much the reason I actually wanted to see this in the first place. It didn’t get a massive release when it was out in the UK back in 2011, I do believe I had tickets for a preview screening. Maybe it will get more people watching now it is on Netflix UK? I certainly hope so as it does have a very good cast and a little gem of a film really.

The characters are pretty charming with plenty of amusing and funny moments. Mainly because you can actually imagine doing some of these things yourself. Ok well I could imagine that anyway. Let’s face it as well Ed Westwick is a good pick of a love interest, who wouldn’t be tempted with him? I don’t even care how shallow that sounds!

So if you are stuck to watch anything that’s too heavy I really do recommend this one. It is a nice light British rom-com which doesn’t actually have a massive amount of romance. Don’t forget the cool snowboarding and skiing scenes too. Guilty pleasure!

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