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Instead of doing season by season review and the fact that I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode or season for that matter. Honestly my life was consumed by Gossip Girl and I could not resist watching the next episode let’s face it though Netflix makes it easy for you. Only having to press a button when faced with this question …

But when you are asked this question three times in one day/night. You actually have to think should I really still be watching? So thank you Netflix for making me judge myself!

I can briefly remember a few people talking about Gossip Girl when it was originally on TV but always thought it wasn’t my thing. Oh how wrong I was, especially considering if I’d watched it from the start I would have been the same or similar age to the characters. I will admit that the cliffhangers would have been a nightmare waiting for the following season to start.

My first experience of Ed Westwick was seeing Chalet Girl at the cinema, I remember the friend I went to see this with being very excited he was in it. Only now do I realise why exactly. He’s Chuck Bass.

I will admit that when I first started watching after the first few episodes I didn’t really like any of the characters, but that quickly changes and you grow to totally love them. Blair was probably the best example of this, I grow to understand why she acted that way she wanted to be the best and loved. The one character this did not happy with and I grew to hate and was very pleased when she left was Jenny Humphrey, what a truly awful person.

So many lies and strange relationships that it was quite hard to keep track of at times. Backstabbing and of course wondering who sent the post to Gossip Girl … Was it actually your best friend who sent it in? In the case of the upper east side it just might have been!

Not only does it make you see how people with money can live and what they can do it people. It will also make you fall more in love with New York City. It has honestly made me want to have another trip to one of the most incredible places in the world (ok maybe a bold statement but one of the most incredible places I have been to) and I feel the need to do a Gossip Girl tour (along with Sex and the City).

The quotes … Yes so many brilliant lines about love and friendship. I now realise that I had come across some of them without knowing what they were from. It pulls on your heartstrings and makes you really think about your own life, hoping you either have or will experience the type of things they mention.

Blair Waldorf

Queen B and pretty much runs the high school crowd, with the incredible boyfriend (Nate) plenty of money and a carefree life overall. Hosting parties and wanting to be the Queen B and ruling over the school. She grows so much as a character over the seasons and even episodes. She turns out to be very likeable, she only wants to be loved (by Chuck) and have the fairytale. Who can argue that they don’t want that?

Chuck Bass

I hated him to begin with but I think that was the idea really, as you then see how much he changes. He grows a lot when he eventually will admit how he feels about things. You even feel sorry for him with the lack of relationship with his father who he only wants to approve of him.

Chuck and Blair

This will now and forever be one of my favourite on-screen relationships. It feels so real in the sense that they drive each other crazy, hurt each other but most of all love each other more than anything in the world. It just takes them quite a long time to come to terms with this. Especially as Chuck struggles to tell Blair how he feels, but what an incredibly lovely moment when he eventually swallows his pride and says it, just a shame she is trying not to be interested anymore. I think that is all part of the brilliance of it. The whole will they won’t they thing going on, but I knew Chuck would turn into a good guy in the end his love for Blair really did see him through some very dark days. They toy with each other for so long as well, it really is such an incredible romance and journey.

Serena van der Woodston

We are slowly introduced to Serena and her past mistakes which lead to her just leaving Manhattan. It helps paint a picture to how someone can change and this is a very good thing. She doesn’t want to be the party girl she once was and works hard to get her best friend back. Honestly she is a very complex character who made me on a number of occasions question and wonder “Serena, why are you doing that, what are you thinking?” … Yes I am well aware that this is a fictional TV show but that’s how into it I was. I did feel sorry for her a lot as well, other people don’t often like it when someone tries to change for the better and try to pull them back down and back to old ways.

Nate Archibald

Yes Chace Crawford is gorgeous. Had to get that out the way, let’s think about it for a second as that is all the character seems to be to begin with. But he is much more complex than that, he has to deal with the embarrassment of his father’s business deals that are not exactly right and not being happy in his relationship with Blair. It takes quite a while for him to really show that he is a good character but it really does happen. He makes plenty of mistakes but who doesn’t?

Dan Humphrey
The outsider who somehow manages to get in with the elite teenagers from the upper east side. But they will certainly make sure he remembers he’s from Brooklyn. He does well for himself and has a very nice and good love affair with Serena, but how long could it possibly last? He’s an aspiring writer and this leads to his first novel which just so happens to be about his upper east side friends, with some slight changes.

Jenny Humphrey
The younger sister of Dan and pretty much wild child. She goes totally off the rails then even more than that, I actually hated her. Yes that’s a very strong thing to say but I couldn’t have been happier than when was pretty much banished. Mainly because at one point she had such a good chance to be better than expected but flew further off the rails. Not likeable in anyway whatsoever. I mean everyone is bitchy but she was on a whole different level, didn’t care who got hurt and in what why. I get that she was just trying to fit in but I think some of her parts could have been written better.

Eric van der Woodston
Never a main character but a nice and good addition while he lasted of course as he did not stay until the end, came back every now and then. Bit of a shame as he had a very important storyline in the first season and some more very interesting and good moments. Likeable and always seemed like he would never stoop to the levels of everyone else, but let’s face it we all have a breaking point.

Rufus Humphrey
Probably the most likeable character from the start. A former music man who is doing all he can for his children (Dan and Jenny) to have a good life sending them to the private school and being a pretty cool dad. This is not often appreciated but which teenagers appreciate parents. Involved in a brilliant love story with Lily and that really is one of the best relationships in the series, please don’t get me started on how it all ended as that really did upset me.

Lily Bass/Humphrey etc
Married countless times and only one real love? Well possibly with Rufus, at times quite frustrating but she is a very independent ruthless and willing to do anything to come out on top. She’s a socialite and hasn’t even always done the best for Serena and Eric. I like the flashback episodes to see how her relationship was with her mother, which helps explain her parenting. Plenty of secrets which all come out in the end.

Other characters

We have plenty of characters who keep reappearing over the course of the show or at the very least for a couple of seasons. This was pretty good in the sense of that something’s are not forgotten at all. I actually grew to really like Georgina, even though she caused chaos and carnage thought it was handled in such a good way even more so when she was just bored with her life that part amused me. We get some of the other mothers and fathers making brief appearances every now and then, some more than others while some are just mentioned every now and then. It was more around holidays that they appeared more which makes sense really.


Such an underrated character who is around a lot and you cannot help but totally love. She is working in this crazy world of the upper east side and some of these people who you think are totally horrible really do show how much the housekeeper/maid really means to them. She is very much part of the family and raised Blair while her mother worked. She is involved in some of the best storylines and never lets anyone down. Great character in my opinion.

They are all out to get each other but I did love how the friendship of Blair, Serena, Nate and Chuck always came through in the end. No matter what they did to one another with all of the backstabbing, lying and even cheating. A part of growing up in a strange way? I guess so.

One thing I did find quite strange as the whole college part, all of the fuss made over Yale with no one ending up going there. Then with Colombia and NYU which only seemed to be for part of a season then no more college? Did they graduate or just give up? As I really don’t think I missed anything.

Gossip Girl it was a very emotional journey we won’t though and it really was such a good one. Showing how online comments can really affect people, I guess this was ahead of its time when you think of when the books were written. Sometimes Facebook is Gossip Girl when people write statuses directly about someone but not naming them and all the drama. I could actually be used in a positive way to show how online comments aren’t fantastic. Don’t think I really want to comment on who Gossip Girl was … Ok just a couple of words, makes no arms at all.

Until next time XO XO

12 thoughts on “Gossip Girl XO XO

  1. I really love Gossip Girl! Its done pretty well. I feel like they dragged it out a little by the last few seasons but the last season was great. And Blair and Chuck have an amazing on screen relationship. One of the best! 🙂


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