Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Review

Our favourite superheroes are back together again for a second outing together. A lot has happened since New York and we have seen Iron Man, Captain America and Thor battle different demons before this story.

I was a little bit surprised how this film started with all of the Avengers working together without an explanation we have to wait for this. It doesn’t massively follow on from the last three films we have seen as nothing is mentioned, that surprised me as Marvel have tied things in very well together. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, as we do find out exactly why they are working together.

Tony Stark being Tony Stark manages to cause more problems than he solves to begin with when he is the man who spawns a monster with Ultron (voiced fantastically by James Spader). Which just shows that sometimes wanting peace does not work out very well and can be changed to different ways, total peace having to be done by total extinction? This makes you think about how things can be thought of differently by others. For being in robot form Ultron is entertaining and you can even understand some of the things he is trying to do.

Captain America gets a bigger role in this one and is seen as the leader of the group and keep everyone in check, watch your language around him as well. That was a very good joke and it keeps going for quite a while throughout the film, possible another little thing to remind everyone that he is from a different time?

I won’t spoil any of the little twists and turns which there is quite a lot of and we learn even more about some of the characters, that is something you have to praise Marvel for the character build up and showing how many layers these superheroes have. I think that is why it is so successful and the cinema screen was full last night I am sure most of the screenings across the country will be full over the weekend and the next week or two. I do always think it is good to see people flocking to the cinema and Marvel seem to be winning the battle for this.

We are introduced to some new characters as well with the twins Pietro and Wanda aka Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch both have some very impressive powers and leave you wanting to know a little bit more about them. Yes you may recognise Quicksilver as we have seen him in another superhero franchise, yes X-Men but it doesn’t cross over they are different versions of the character.

I did throughly enjoy the film from start to finish I just absolutely love the Marvel universe and characters who we all know pretty well now. Especially Tony Stark/Iron Man seriously he is beginning to rival Batman for me, I think Robert Downey Jr has a lot to do with that though as he really is something else in that role. They all seem to have so much fun and we are given even more jokes and funny moments that usual. They have the whole man love/bromance going on between them with daft little arguments and it does make it all feel more real.

The fight sequences are very good and a lot of battling with robots happens in this one. But we see that the Avengers have actually become a team and work very well together. Some really good moments in the battling seeing them combine to help win. They are on the same page and realise that they must come together and be one in order to actually win.

We already know that there is plenty more to come from Marvel and loads to look forward to make sure you head out to see the Avengers and how things are really coming together ever so nicely!

9 thoughts on “Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) Review

  1. Just tried to post a comment but was denied. Sorry if it comes up twice.

    I really loved the film too! I did find myself rolling my eyes at Banner and Black Widow but I think thats just me. Really enjoyed the fact that screen and story time was spread out evenly this time. One of my favourite scenes is when they’re all trying to pick up Thor’s hammer. But best line went to Hawkeye, later in the film.

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    • Oh yeah I can understand what you mean about Banner and Black Widow that wasn’t fantastic at all. Oh the hammer scene was hilarious!!


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