Fast & Furious 7 (2015) Review

The team are back for one last outing with this being the last film the late Paul Walker is in, due to his tragic death whilst making the film.

I will admit that I cannot remember what exactly happened in the 6th instalment but thought it was ok for a film in this genre. I guess it doesn’t make a massive difference especially considering I haven’t even seen all of the other films in this series anyway. I do like the addition of The Rock though, he works so well in these types of films.

It seems as though Jason Statham has actually become a parody of himself, I really thought he was awful in this film. It’s getting very boring now with the same type of characters but this was even worse than we usually get from him. Luckily he wasn’t the main focus but did just keep turning up. The plot tried to be clever and have a few different strands to it, but in the end was just lacking.

It probably didn’t help that at the cinema for this film I ended up sitting two rows from the front (not my choice, I always opt for the back row mainly so no one can kick my seat, but obviously the view is much better). Although I don’t think I would have enjoyed it very much anyway, it was just poor in my opinion. More of a tribute to Paul Walker? Especially with the ending, I had heard a little bit about that before the film.

I had probably made my mind up about this one before I even went in, but for something that is supposed to be about fast cars, I thought it was lacking just that. Only one memorable one from the Dubai part, surely it should have more? I hoped so. Maybe if I was a big fan of the series I would have enjoyed it more? Considering I think I’ve seen two of the others.

How did you find this one? As I am not convinced at all, Vin Diesel doesn’t do a lot for me either. I think other actors take on that role a lot better than he does.

8 thoughts on “Fast & Furious 7 (2015) Review

  1. I thought it was completely ridiculous but I had fun with it. I can’t deny anything you are saying and it is normally not the type of movie I like but it was so over the top it made me laugh.


    • Haha, that is a great idea! I certainly don’t think second row from the front helped, hurt neck and not being able to actually see the whole screen ahhh!


  2. It was really over the top, but i loved it! I really like all fast-movies, except for part 3, tokio drift.
    I got goosebumps at the end, it’s a shame that they will continue till part 10. They should stop it here.


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