Home (2015) Review

When aliens decide to relocate on Earth and put all of the humans in one place an outcast called Oh changes everything when he forms a bond with a girl named Tip.

The Boov’s must leave the planet they are currently living on after another alien Gorg is chasing them. This is why the Boov’s end up relocating on Earth and moving the humans so they can have the planet. It isn’t done in a scary way, I mean come on this is an animated kids film after all. But it certainly could have been done in that way.

Tip ends up separated from her mother after she is left in their home and her mission is to find out where she was taken to after the invasion. “Oh” is different from the other Boov’s and this is how he ends up trying to be friends with Tip, even though she is not convinced to begin with.

The film does have quite a few nice messages about friendship and family that cannot be ignored. Pretty good things to have in a film which will mainly be watched by children of different ages. It’s also about never giving up to make your life better and having goals to aim for, something everyone can relate to (well hopefully).

I liked that Oh changed colour depending on his mood or what he was talking about, thought the different colour for a lie was a very good idea. Imagine if that happened to people as well, would create a much more open world! Great that an animated film can make you really think about these things.


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