Insurgent (2015) Review

Tris must live and deal with her actions from the first film, the death of her parents and killing a friend. She struggles to understand why everything is happening to her, will she get any answers before it’s too late?

So this is the second instalment in the Divergent series, I will admit that it would have probably been a very good idea to watch Divergent again before heading to see this one. I have only seen that once in the cinema viewing last year and I actually spent a lot of time watching Insurgent trying to remember what happened first time around. That and the combination of not feeling very well at all was not good as I didn’t feel massively bothered in all honesty.

Jeanine on her power trip is still trying to track down all of the Divergent’s even more so when a mysterious box is found which can only be opened by a Divergent. As it turns out only one will be able to do it, I am sure you can easily work out who exactly that is. I quite enjoy Kate Winslet as Jeanine as it is a very rare evil role for her, she is usually the good guy so always good to watch something different.

The film will make you think more about the way the world is with the different fractions and how some people just conform with the place they are put because of those tests. I think that’s quite interesting in all honesty as like The Hunger Games this does raise some issues on what would actually happen if a lot of the world and civilisation got wiped out.

So the main part of the story for this one was the opening of the box, it does make you actually really want to see what happens when the box is opened. The mentally of some of the characters is survive at all costs, this creates some moments which will just annoy you so much, because you cannot believe what they have just done. I obviously won’t spoil that but if you have seen the film I am sure you will know which parts I mean.

The relationship between Tris and Four grows as well even if she tries to resist it at times. Another little twist is that someone from Four’s past returns and this creates some tension but will it also be the start of the revolution? As with all films like this it certainly leaves you hanging and ready for another year wait to see what happens next, oh and they have split the third book into two films, please can we stop doing this?!?! Part one of the end of the Hunger Games was pretty pointless, I hope the same will not be said for Divergent series but have a feeling it will be.

I think the best thing about this series has to be that Tris is extremely likeable and you are behind her and want her to succeed and win with pretty much everything. It does go into more detail with the mentally of different fractions and how you may even be able to get them onside.

The film moved at a decent pace and was entertaining but I would recommend watching Divergent again to refresh your memory as I couldn’t remember a lot of what previously happened, maybe a year is just too long to have between films!

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