Best Picture Project

After the current awards season I have decided to start a new project on Let’s Go To The Movies . . .

Best Picture Project

Not just to watch and review the winners of the Best Picture Oscar since it began but to watch and review all of the nominees as well. This is a very big task. For the recent years or maybe even from the 90s I might have already seen them.

When I have completed all from one year I will then bring it together and do a big post on that year. If I feel the right film won, which I enjoyed and most importantly which ones I hated. A couple stick out in my mind already thinking about that.

You can keep track of the progress with the link provided above, I will link to the reviews and add if I have seen the film. I am not going to set a time frame for this huge task but if anyone has any tips that would be appreciated, especially if a film is then available on UK Netflix or Sky On Demand, please let me know!

21 thoughts on “Best Picture Project

  1. This is great! I had a friend in high school who’s dad was the person that instilled in me that you must see all the Oscar nominated pics to make an informed decision, Being young at the time, I took it 1/2 heartedly but as the years went on..We saw more & more until it became normal to see them all. sometimes it’s hard.. but it’s a great idea. I saw this man again a few years back and was finally able to thank him for giving me this gift! 🙂

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    • Thanks! I’ve been thinking about doing short thoughts on the films I’ve already seen, yet not reviewed on the blog and don’t want to watch again if that’s not cheating lol


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