Oscars 2015 – Best Actor

Now for Best Actor in a Leading Role, once again I have managed to see all of these films and this category certainly does have some very strong performances. Apart from Cooper they are all first time Oscar nominees, which I think is a pretty nice thing really. Showing that new and old talent is being rewarded, two Brits in this category as well which lets face it has been mentioned absolutely loads on UK TV over the past few weeks. I am certainly hoping for an upset in this one in all honesty, I just hope it’s not so nailed on and straight forward.

Steve Carell – Foxcatcher – Review 

Yes really that is Steve Carell under that nose. Something I am sure a lot of people were doubting when watching Foxcatcher, is that really Carell? But he’s so different and playing a very serious role. It sure is and with that in mind I am sure that has helped in his case for a nomination for his efforts. He has gone for it and changed his usual comedy roles, in all honesty though he has put in some good performances over the years and gone a little more serious. This however had to be the extreme going for the Oscar move.

While I was not a fan of the film in general I can appreciate that Carell certainly did put in a fantastic performance. Every time he was on-screen it made you feel on edge, he was pretty crazy and that made you unsure to what exactly he was going to do next. That is where I have to give him credit, he was creepy and held the film together even if it did feel about two days long. Probably a very risky move, but can now only be good for his career and maybe even take it in a new direction. But I certainly hope he does not actually win, as all just seems forced towards wanting to win an Oscar in my opinion.

Bradley Cooper – American Sniper – Review

Cooper could well be the new darling of the Academy while he has not won an award yet this is his third acting nomination in a row. Not that I am saying he has not deserved to be nominated just something that has to be pointed out, is his performance enough in this film to take him that one step further and become a winner? I am not entirely convinced in all honesty. But will the Academy reward him, I think there’s a big possibly he could cause an upset due to the themes and story involved in the film. Anything with American in the title seems to do well when it comes to the Oscars.

Eastwood must work very well with actors as a lot of them in his films received Oscar nominations. Cooper is also up for an Oscar for Best Picture as he produced the film as well. He had to put a lot of work into this film by totally bulking up for his character. Another thing which is always well received by the Academy when it comes to the nominees. So I think I can see Cooper winner with the subject matter, but think there’s better performances from others in the category.

Benedict Cumberbatch – The Imitation Game – Review

The Cumberbatch has been growing in popularity in recent years and this performance and the fact I eventually caught up and watched Sherlock last year I am totally on the bandwagon. Even though I had seen quite a lot of his films before 2014 but he really stood out this year. When I caught up and saw The Imitation Game from the very first scene I knew we were in for a very good performance and film. He holds your attention and really does push himself to the limits with the complex and tortured character.

I am looking forward to actually watching this film again and enjoying Cumberbatch and the complex nature of his character. He had good chemistry with Knightley which has to be another reason they have both been nominated. He will probably not come close to winner the award this year, but I am sure he will receive more nominations in the future. The Americans do seem to love him just as much as the Brits do as well. He certainly will be pushing his career to new heights even with this nomination. I am certainly looking to see what he is doing next.

Michael Keaton – Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) – Review

His first ever Oscar nomination with a performance pulled from, well we actually have no idea at all where he has pulled this performance from. I love Keaton he is brilliant and this film really showed that he can put in something special in a film. I would absolutely love and be so happy if he gets the Oscar, he totally deserves it more than anyone else on this list for me. I was blown away with him in Birdman from start to finish it really is something else.

I mean come on her actually did run/walk through Times Square in just his underwear. What must have been a truly terrifying thing to have to do, sure that scene alone deserves to win an Oscar? In a film which could partly be about Keaton’s own career and parts of his life how can you not love and want to see what wild and wacky speech he would give? I certainly hope the Academy reward Keaton for this film and pretty much by doing that his career as well. Plus it’s the only original role, everyone else is playing a real person!

Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything – Review

The most talked about performance of awards season because Redmayne has picked up a lot of awards for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking. It is very impressive and inspiring from start to finish as he must show the world how Hawking deteriorated after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. But not only that, that he had a great love story and showing how he defied all odds. Redmayne goes through all of this in the film and it must have been a very difficult thing to do.

He is the favourite to win the Oscar and I am probably in the minority not wanting him to actually get it. Yes it is good and he became the Hawking but surely winning an Oscar should be about more than just becoming and acting like someone else? I know that sounds stupid as when you look at a lot of previous winners they have done just this to win. I guess I was just hoping that we would get something a little different this year. Won’t be massively disappointed if he does win I just want Keaton to get it too much!

Who I want to win – Michael Keaton

Who will win – Eddie Redmayne

Outsider – Bradley Cooper

7 thoughts on “Oscars 2015 – Best Actor

  1. I think that 2014 was such a strong year for film and for male performances in particular, there are easily three more groups pf five actors who could have been nominated: to name but a few – David Oyelewo, Tom Hardy, Ralph Fiennes, Jake Gyllenhaal, the guy who was in Blue Ruin, Elton Coltrane


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