Frank (2014) Review

Jon finds himself in the right place at the right time, or is that actually the wrong place? When he is drafted into a strange music band as he tries to fulfil his musical ambitions, but how will he find Frank?

Now this was a film I had wanted to see at the cinema, but it was a quick week turn around if I remember rightly. But thankfully Netflix UK seems to have a very quick turnaround getting lesser known cinema releases now. So I settled to watch this on Sunday afternoon. I have become quite a big fan of Domhnall Gleeson in recent times so the fact he was in the film made me very happy.

Well . . . I don’t even know where to start. This is a very strange film. Yes I’ve said it, but I think that would be the conclusion after rambling on for a couple of hundred words. So thought I might as well say it nice and early. I mean anything with a man who wears a giant fake head and never takes it off can be nothing but strange.

It just have some very interesting characters as a result of that and the drive of trying to get the music out there. But where was there? Twitter is mentioned and used throughout as a way and means from Jon who as he tweets more about the band gains more followers. Trying to get them further forward he invests everything he has into it.

Frank is obviously the main focus of the film and yes that is Michael Fassbender inside that giant head. He spends probably 95% of the film in it. But still pulls off a very impressive performance. I did spend the entire film wondering what exactly was wrong with Frank, had to be something wanting to hide your face like that isn’t anywhere near normal. But won’t spoil anything, although I would say the ending is a bit of an anticlimax, it was built up for more.

I liked Jon as he certainly did seem to be the most normal one so you can relate more to him. He had ambitions of wanting to be a musician but actually struggled to write any songs that were actually any good. Plus he clashes with the other members of the band because they are just strange. Clara was all kinds of crazy and I was shocked with what she actually done to Jon in the end, not forgetting a rather awful sex scene, but it was amusing. It hasn’t made Maggie Gyllenhaal grow on me, still not sure about her at all.

It does have some amusing moments, but your never really sure if you should be laughing or not. I think that is part of the brilliance of it at times. Although I will admit that as I was watching it I was pleased I didn’t drag one of my friends to see it at the cinema as I really don’t think she would have liked it at all. Having watched the film I am still not sure if I liked it or not. Yes it certainly is one of those.

6 thoughts on “Frank (2014) Review

  1. Well done, Caz!
    Wasn’t looking forward to this biopic at all
    It’s bizarre & different, so held my interest – Fassbender is 1 of my faves @ th mo; puts in a good performance, great singing
    But NO WAY is this anything like th real Frank I watched on TV back in th early 80s!
    No one cld tell why he chose to keep that papier mache head on all th time…

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    • Thanks!
      I didn’t know anything about the real Frank so I guess I was pretty blind about it all going in. Which probably makes my review and thoughts on the film very different.

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  2. Good review Caz. I wanted to like this movie a lot. Hell, I wanted to love it. But I felt like it loved itself just a bit too much for me to even get close enough to it.


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