Big Hero 6 (2014) Review

Hiro is a 14-year-old genius who is using his knowledge to fight Bots, but his brother wants him to see that he can do so much more than that.


Baymax is an inflatable robot which had been designed to help with any health problems and to scan the humans to see what is wrong with them. The same is done on Hiro and he begins to help him trying to come to terms with the death of his brother. Hiro is out for revenge on whoever is responsible and who stole his microbots.

I am not really sure what I expected the story in this film to be but it was heartwarming at times. It also has a very interesting twist as well, which I will admit I did not see coming at all. Probably seems a strange comment for an animated film but it was true obviously I am not going to spoil that but it was very good.

Hiro is a likeable character and you are behind him from the start. His relationship with his Aunt who raised him is a nice little touch, but we don’t get too much into it. But it certainly is a nice addition to the story, it makes you realise that Hiro has had a lot of loss in his so far young life.

Baymax is a totally different type of robot to what you have seen on-screen before, he’s supposed to look more friendly and cuddly hence his inflatable build. It does make you wish he was real so you could have your own robot, Hiro really does get attached to him and create many upgrades in his quest for revenge.

It isn’t long before his friends are by his side and they pretty much invent themselves as superheroes with some very cool gadgets, they are all nerds as they point out plenty of times. Due to the fact they are all at the same college working with science. Showing how a group of friends working together can really make a difference in the long run.

The film certainly does have plenty of good things about it and good messages along with it. Friendship and family being the most important thing and that you should group together when something bad happens instead of pushing everyone away. Like Hiro did to begin with. The film has dark moments but I think that is what makes it more likeable. Life isn’t always happy and this film takes that on board.

I could easily recommend this film, certainly as one of the better animated films to come out in recent times!

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