Killers (2010) Review

Jen is on holiday with her parents and just happens to meet the man of her dreams. He doesn’t have the most simple of pasts and after a quick wedding everything is going to catch up with him in the end.

I have now seen this film a couple of times, which I guess shows that I actually like it. It has some charm to it, with some nice and romantic lines as well as some very funny and amusing moments, along with the added bonus of some action and over the top scenes. Kutcher and Heigl work very well together, something that is a must in a romantic comedy genre film. Even if I still cannot actually decide whether I like either of them.

Spencer’s past is that he was a hired killer and got out of the business when he met Jen. That was never going to stay the same though when on the morning of his birthday everything starts to become strange, when a hit as been placed on Spencer and everyone seems to be trying to kill him. Even the lovely neighbours in the suburban place they live.

Something is pretty funny about Jen’s father as well, which adds a few very nice twists to the story. He is played by Tom Selleck which makes him even better in my opinion. Seriously though he should have been in so many more films, what a brilliant actor. Not really the most friendly of men to have as a father in law in this one.

The main thing I think I like about this film has to be that it is a little bit different and tried to spice up the way rom-com’s had been going. It adds in that action part and obviously with the title ‘Killers’ you know you are going to see some death, which is done in amusing ways, but still quite brutal at the same time. I hope that makes sense and doesn’t make me sound like a complete psycho, but if you watch the film I am sure you will understand exactly what I mean.

The love story is nice as well and Ashton Kutcher really is given a fantastic few lines towards the end which will pretty much make any woman wish that he was saying it to them, yes I will include myself in that as well. He does pretty much melt you in this film, he is very hit miss with me which is a shame really.

So if you fancy a rom-com one night but with a little bit more to it then I would really recommend that you give ‘Killers’ a watch. If you are in the UK it is currently on Netflix as well so you don’t really have any excuse not to watch it. You never know you might just like it as much as I do.

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