Taken 3 (2015) Review

The third instalment of the now Taken trilogy takes a few more twists and turns, but is anyone really taken in this one?

Let’s hope it really does end here.

It’s never a quiet time for Bryan Mills something is always happening and people always end up after him for some reason. Luckily I cannot remember much about Taken 2, it was bad though that’s for sure. This has been out for a couple of weeks now and wasn’t massively bothered about catching it at the cinema. But I guess it was a break from the quite heavy Oscar nominated drama’s we get this time of year.

From the start I knew we were going to be in for an interesting ride when I found myself laughing at parts which weren’t actually meant to be funny. But I guess in some ways these films have become a parody of themselves. The first might have been different and something else, especially for Neeson. But now it’s just a routine and maybe some scenes/lines are just put in for some cheap laughs?

But let’s face it Neeson strolling and strutting down a corridor as everyone is running after him has to make you at least smile if it does not make you laugh. It truly is a hilarious moment, I hope it was meant to be in that way. Anyway the outline of the plot is that this time Bryan’s ex-wife was murdered in his bed and he was being framed for it, in a rather clever way (that’s probably the most credit I will give this film).

The film might have worked better if it was not as obvious from the start who was behind it all. Honestly I just knew within seconds, and everything kept pointing towards that little twist. I can’t even say that the action sequences were fantastic as they really weren’t the car chases were disappointing as well. I guess it wasn’t as bad as the second film, but surely this one has to be enough? Please Liam Neeson you were such a good actor, and your spoiling it all now!

It did have a couple of nice moments as well, the strong bond between Mills and his daughter. I guess they have to keep that up after the first film and the iconic phone call scene. (The only part of that film I liked may I add). So I won’t be recommending this film to anyone really, but I guess they will probably like it more than any of the films I have seen so far this year, which is such a shame. We went to see this on a Wednesday night on its third week on release and the screen was still almost full. That actually made me feel very sad.

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