Wild (2014) Review

A truly inspiring journey of a woman who took on an epic trail challenge to hike 1,100 miles and evaluate her choices in life.

Thanks to Cineworld and the first Unlimited cardholders preview of 2015, we were in for a real treat to be able to see Wild four days before it’s UK release date. I love seeing a film slightly before its official release date (yes simple things and all that). So keep it up for the rest of the year please Cineworld.

Reese Witherspoon has been mentioned and around all of the award buzz, she usually is and doesn’t appear in as many films theses days. But that is not a bad thing at all, she obviously picks and chooses which films to star in now and this one was certainly a very good choice. She is perfect for the role. She makes you really feel like you are on the adventure with her, you feel sorry for her, you feel her pain and you actually pity her as well.

I throughly enjoyed the way we found out how her life spiralled out of control and lead to the hike/quest. Not only to get to the finish line but to also find herself as well, even more inspiring that it was based on a true story. Everything is put together over the whole film as we get little snippets from different stages in her life that have pushed her to the edge. But also the good memories as well. If anything this film shows that you need both good and bad memories to keep you going.

I am not going to spoil any of the important details that make the film so brilliant in terms of story. But I will mention how truly inspiring it is and gives you perspective on your own life. It pretty much wants to let you know that everything happens for a reason, don’t regret any of it as the good times and the bad make you who you are today. An interesting message form this film was that includes the men you have had sex with.

The film has a good heart and still manages to include some lighthearted moments which will make you laugh out loud. A few simple things, for example when she is trying to pick her huge backpack up for the first time it is at least twice her body weight easily and that is actually so funny. I think mainly because you could imagine doing it yourself, and the film has a few of those moments that you can really relate to and get into.

I found myself lost in the story and the general hike wondering if I could ever even think about attempting something like that. Well I think I’d like the actual hiking part but I am not a big camping fan, so maybe not the best idea in the world. I loved some of the scenic shots (yes I am one of those people who loves the sky looking nice, or a very lovely view). So that is something I could relate to the way she just stood and looked at the sky at times.

Reese Witherspoon really does deserve all of the credit for her performance as really must have pushed herself to the edge at times, showing that she is not afraid of the nudity either (in all honesty cannot remember off the top of my head if she has done them in previous films?) The use of the f-word works very well in the film as well, you could really think oh I would be screaming that at that very moment too.

So if you like a film that will make you think about your own life, hey maybe it will even make you realise things aren’t all that bad after all!

14 thoughts on “Wild (2014) Review

    • It really does make you think and shows we really can do anything we want it we put our mind to it really and how our decisions lead us down different roads.


  1. Really good review. I’ve been surprised at the range of responses to this film. Most like it but many rejected it. I’ll probably eventually see it out of curiosity.


    • Yeah it seems to be very mixed about the film but everyone agrees Witherspoon puts in a very good performance. Maybe it’s a film that women can relate to more? It’s good to have something like this from a women’s point of view 🙂

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  2. One I was lucky enough to see in Leeds at LIFF28 last year. An excellent film that managed to have a message without once becoming preachy. A career best from Witherspoon, and Laura Dern as her mother was also superb in support. Glad you enjoyed it too.


    • That’s a good shout about Laura Dern she was very good, pretty sure I have only seen her in a couple of films and never massively stood out. Very good from Witherspoon as must be such a demanding role with so many alone scenes.


  3. […] Once again (it seems like everything I’ve read this year) I did see the film before I read the book, and it is definitely an adaptation I would recommend. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t seem like she walked anywhere near as far as she actually did in the film it provides a visual for the backdrop to the PCT (it’s not somewhere I have ever visited) it also provided a visual for the pain of Cheryl’s blisters and sores. *Read a review of the film here* […]


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