They Came Together (2014) Review

A film where a story is told about a story. Yes you read that right, this film pokes fun at romantic comedies yet is one itself . . .

I’m pretty sure last week sometime I read a brief summary about this film where someone had praised it. I wish I had bookmarked that so I could have gone back again and read it after watching the film on Netflix the other night. I was prepared for it to rip off Romantic Comedies before watching it. I wasn’t really in the mood to watch something serious, so decided on this. I felt that I needed to explain why I actually decided to watch it in the first place.

Anyway the big one I really link this to has to be ‘You’ve Got Mail’ as let’s face it, it pretty much has the same story line as that in terms of the businesses. So ok I gave the film a chance as it wasn’t difficult to watch, some of the scenes were though just because of how terrible they were. But let’s hope no-one really acts the way the characters in the film do.

I will admit that it did make me laugh a little bit as well, some of the scenes lines were amusing due to them just being so tongue in cheek about other films. If you have seen a lot of this genre you will probably be amused as well. If you don’t like this genre to begin with I think it would be best to stay clear from this film.

One thing I will say about this film is that Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler do keep it going, if they weren’t so charming in this silly roles I probably would have turned it off. But something they were doing worked and made me watch until the end. I think they would actually work very well in a proper romantic comedy together. Although that might not work as well after this film, but never mind they did have good chemistry.

Having the story told via a dinner conversation with two friends and it keeps going back to that. Trying to fit in a few extra laughs as they tried to guess what was going to happen next. Which was all very over the top and wouldn’t even happen in a rom-com let alone real life (hopefully haha).

So I don’t feel that I have gained anything by watching this film, but it did the job of filling a couple of hours when I didn’t have the best of days and couldn’t decide on a film to watch. So I guess it fits in the easy to watch if you can’t really be bothered section of films? I don’t know really, I can’t say I would recommend it.

7 thoughts on “They Came Together (2014) Review

  1. I, like you, had very mixed feelings about this. It’s a mixed bag of stupidity and decently insightful parody. And yeah, you make a great point – I actually would pay to see them in a real romcom.


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