The Theory of Everything (2014) Review

The story we have probably never thought about Stephen Hawking and incredible love story with Jane.

We are taken back to Cambridge in 1963 and see a young Stephen Hawking studying for his Phd, it is clear right away that he is extremely clever and ahead of his classmates. He has a very good friendship with Brian, which creates some very nice moments and we are reminded of this throughout the film when he is back for key events. Everything is changed though the first time he sees Jane. They spend the night talking and getting to know one another and it is pretty clear they have a connection.

Everything seems to be going well in that sense but Stephen is starting to struggle with hands and coordination. This is very difficult to watch as it is so sad seeing him deteriorate in front of our eyes, especially as we know this is a true story. It is filled with moments which will make your heart sink, bring tears to your eyes and actually properly cry. I always knew it was going to be a difficult film to watch with him having Motor Neurone Disease, I had a friend who lost his life to that.

Eddie Redmayne is absolutely outstanding taking on what must have felt like an impossible role as Hawking, he does a fantastic job and you really cannot help but be impressed in his performance from start to finish it really must have been such a challenging role to take on. He was going through all of these stages, whilst knowing it really did happen to someone else and how he had to deal with this.

Initially he was given just two years to live, proving everything wrong throughout his entire life and Hawking is still alive to this day, which is just remarkable. The sense of humour is not lost and we still have some very funny moments at different stages in his life.

Felicity Jones was equalling impressive as Jane Hawking and I really found myself rooting for her, she was very much ready to stand by the man she loved and I will admit that I cried as she did when she realised how bad it was becoming. But the against all odds love was never really going to stay so pure, it was going to be a complete battle and this something we saw develop during the course of the film.

I think this film deserves all of the praise and plaudits it is getting at the moment as it really does contain some fantastic performances. Along with the incredible story, I have to admit that I didn’t really know anything about Stephen Hawking. So this has certainly helped to educate and update me on the incredible things which he has accomplished in his life. I think the love part of the story just helps to show that everyone has the capacity to love and this is something no illness will ever take away.

I hope that this is filled with a lot of true events and how things happened. I know it is based on a book written by Jane so you hope that it is very close to what actually happened, as it truly is inspiring. Even if it is heartbreaking at the same time, but it will stay make you smile and give you hope.

19 thoughts on “The Theory of Everything (2014) Review

  1. I loved this movie. It was unbelievably moving and Eddie Redmayne was simply incredible. Like you, I didn’t know anything about Stephen Hawking so this movie really opened my eyes to what he went through. It broke my heart that the disease struck him so early in life but I’m so happy that he never lost his sense of humour, found love and was able to continue his research. I hope Eddie Redmayne wins something for this role so much.

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    • Yeah he was so young when he got it and only in his early 30s when he died, so a couple of parts of the film really hit hard.

      It is a great film to watch though!


    • Yeah it certainly does have so many moving and emotional moments which is just fantastic really. I am sure they will both be contenders for all awards!


    • You totally have to Ruth! It really is heartwarming breaking and inspiring all rolled together. If Eddie Redmayne doesn’t get an Oscar nom I’ll be disappointed.

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    • Yeah that was so nice wasn’t it to get that across because you couldn’t help but smile. Incredible acting, Redmayne was very good hope he can follow this film up with more good performances as my opinion on him has been mixed so far.


  2. Sorry am late to reading your review as we were chatting on twitter about it.. I am with you on ALL of it. From the fact I didn’t really know much about Hawking either except that he was a man with ALS who was a genius. I didn’t even know he had children! And I’m glad I didn’t do ‘research’ into it before i saw the film as it made it all the more heartwarming/heart wrenching to see. Eddie Redmayne’s performance is really what awards are to be giving for (one award down whoooohoooo!! 🙂 Truly..And Felicity Jones was really spot on. Am so glad we both loved it!!

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