Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013) Review

Joe is a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac and when she is found by Seligman, he takes her home where she tells him her life story. Why she is not a nice person at all . . .

Well where to start with this film, I had heard a few little things about it. But let’s face it the title and the posters don’t really leave a lot to the imagination and neither does the film as a whole. Everything is graphic from the start as Joe tries to explain what her life as been. Well sex.

It takes us through some of the relationships that she has been involved in, I use the term relationship very loosely. She just wants sex and has men with times turning up at her apartment every single night. A bit strange how she turned out considering her first sexual experience seemed to be pretty awful with Jerome.

I actually found myself cringing a lot throughout the film and cannot believe that certain things would happen. Don’t get me wrong I don’t live a sheltered life but two young girls having a bet over a bag of sweets who can have the most sex on the train with all of these random men, that absolutely shocked and scared me in all honesty. I just hope that does not actually happen.

The worst part though has to be Stacy Martin’s absolutely terrible acting. She is truly awful in this film and shows no emotion whatsoever in my opinion. For a character that is supposed to have such a love and wanting for sex she just never seemed to actually enjoy it. Surely that is why she does it all the time, just wants and needs more and more? Unless I am totally missing something but never mind. Quite a brave move as well considering she probably is naked for about 70% of the time? But still though terrible terrible attempts at acting.

The scene with Uma Thurman is pretty intense and crazy as well. A married man Joe was having an affair with actually decides to leave his family for her and just well nothing from her as Mrs. H just embarrassing everyone in front of the couples three boys. You actually feel like you shouldn’t be watching this as Thurman is really going for it and that does seem pretty real.

A brave move from Shia LaBeouf as well, but still doesn’t show or give us much hope of his acting skills. Honestly other than Thurman the only other I will give credit for good acting is Stellan Skarsgard, but he can do no wrong in all fairness.

It took me a while to eventually try watching this as wasn’t really too sure if it was something I would like. Sex on-screen doesn’t massively bother me. But trying to be very extreme with the sex and oral sex on-screen and fit in a half-hearted story around it bothered me. It was like Lars von Trier was just trying to shock viewers with it all.

Part II coming soon . . .

21 thoughts on “Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013) Review

    • I just don’t get what he was trying to achieve other than the shock, as the story is shocking. I’ve half watched part 2. Had to turn it off, will finish it eventually …

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      • I can appreciate the interest in studying a character with nymphomania but there is TOO much focus on the graphic sex. Gratuitous. I disagree about the lead performance but i am glad we agree about the film as a whole. Good review:)

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        • She really annoyed me as just thought it was totally wooden. I’m pleased to know I’m not the only one who had these thoughts about the film though. Thought my review was going to be way too harsh haha.

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  1. I quite liked the movie. Not mind-blowingly amazing, but better than I had expected. I watched the Director’s Cut, which is like an hour longer. Still need to watch Part II, though. I’m not 100% sure what’s different in the director’s cut, but I think a lot of scenes were extended. I might make myself watch the theatrical cuts if I’m curious enough.

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  2. I was amazed at the special effects which i my mind are very good. In the uncut version you see a lot more graphic sex which is meant to look like the actors on screen are having sex but they are not. They are are using body doubles of porn stars and then with the use of computers. Combining the two to make it look like one. This movie is not for everyone and if scenes of graphic sex offend you, then skip it . I will agree that Stacy Martin is bad and so is Christian Slater.


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