Netflix UK isn’t that bad!

Reports late last night and this morning were about Netflix stopping users from accessing other countries libraries. In all honestly I had never even thought about doing this so was quite surprised to see so many people complaining and kicking off about it. But come on UK we have . . .

I first used Netflix while I lived out in the US in 2009, that was back when you could stream films or get the DVDs posted out to your address. At this time different films were only available on DVD and some to stream. When I returned home Netflix was not available in the UK so I signed up to LOVEFiLM which in all honesty I only ever had problems with. So when Netflix came to the UK I was very excited and signed up straight away, cancelling LOVEFiLM in the process.

Ok anyway so now that’s my background of using Netflix I just thought I would stake a claim to why the UK’s Netflix is not that bad at all. The way the reports are going on is that we have no films at all to watch, I think it’s a bit of a strange way to react to this news. So I am going to highlight reasons why Netflix UK is good!

The turn around from the smaller cinema release films to Netflix is pretty quick and that is something I appreciate as quite often I miss these films either due to not having any showings at my local cinema or they only last week and don’t manage to catch them. So I find it handy that you only have to wait a few months to watch them before Sky Movies get them (if they want them).

You can check out the films I have watched (and reviewed) on Let’s Go To The Movies here. I have probably watched a lot more than that and not actually put a review up on the site.

I haven’t watched a lot of TV shows in general but thanks to Netflix I managed to catch up on the time by watching all of Breaking Bad and the first two seasons of the incredible Sherlock! Something I am very pleased about as both (in very different ways) are incredible. I have also watched Damages as well, which doesn’t seem as well-known but very good and worth watching.

As well as catching some of the newer films, off the top of my head The Hunger Games and The Hobbit – both of the these have had part 1 and 2 available at some point. For certain films you do need to check how much longer they will be online, but that is the same with Sky Movies. Films have expiry dates wherever they are played on and not available full-time.

You can unearth some hidden gems of films, but you can also watch some terrible ones as well. But that’s pretty much the risk you take when going to the cinema or watching anything on TV. So I honestly don’t understand the big fuss when you have so many films in different genres to choose from. I have even managed to relive my childhood watching ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie’ as well as ‘Mortal Kombat’ something I probably wouldn’t have done if I had to buy them on DVD. But because I came across them on Netflix I decided to watch for old-time sake. Not saying it was a brilliant idea, actually who am I kidding I still love the Power Rangers.

Another thing it works well for is if you want to watch more from a particular actor you like at that moment in time you can search and see which films are available. You might just find one of their first films on it, and be able to catch up with their filmography very quickly.

After having a look back through at the reviews I have put on the site, Netflix UK does offer a very wide range of films. Latest releases not long after the cinema, critically acclaimed films and some random ones as well. But hey some people like random, I am pretty sure I have come across some blogs reviewing the worst films. Surely it is better having a big choice instead of just wanting to watch those big blockbusters constantly? Oh did I mention blockbusters? You can catch up with plenty of Marvel with Avengers being a choice, as well as Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. Not forgetting that Skyfall had been available until a couple of weeks ago as well.

Don’t forget about the classics as well, I have managed to watch ‘Some Like It Hot’ and ‘Brief Encounter’ just to clarify how good some of the films truly are. I throughly enjoyed those films and would certainly add them into my all time favourites, so I really don’t get the big problem?

So why not be happy with the service Netflix has to offer in your country? You never know when more films are going to be available, plus in the mean time you can try to find some hidden gems that you might not have heard of before!

17 thoughts on “Netflix UK isn’t that bad!

  1. I keep my netflix sub mostly for the original shows like house of cards and lillyhammer but i was unhappy they got rid of blackadder as its my fav comedy.

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  2. It’s mainly if you’re trying to look for a specific title, a lot of the time your country won’t have it but another will. The reason why this bugs me so much is that if this is true, I will no longer be able to search for expiring titles in the UK or Canada anymore, which is something I’ve been doing and posting for people in the past however many months. 😦


      • An expiration date will show up underneath it when you click on the title. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to actually search for them, just have to go through queues, click on random stuff and see. It’s a bit tedious, but I do it anyway haha.


        • I’ve never actually noticed that at all! Must take you absolutely ages to find them. Well if you can’t access the UK for your monthly update I will volunteer to help you out 🙂


          • Looks like it’s still working for the time being. It does take a while, but I probably don’t come close to finding them all. It’s ok though! Haha thanks, I appreciate it and I’ll keep that in mind.

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  3. I have to say that I love Netflix. I had Lovefilm for years and years and couldn’t imagine a service like that being bettered, but once Netflix came along, and everyone at work was raving about it, I tried it and I haven’t looked back. It works brilliantly for me and my husband as our tastes are so very different that one of us was usually unhappy with Lovefilm’s latest offering. Now that we have our own ‘channel’ to log into, we can see films being offered to us that we wouldn’t have known about or chosen before. You have inspired me to blog about Netflix now! 🙂

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