The Dark Knight (2008) Review

The second instalment in Christopher Nolan’s incredible Batman trilogy. Gotham City is turned upside down as The Joker begins to cause chaos in the city, pushing everyone to find out their limits.

This film was on UK terrestrial TV for the first time on New Year’s Day, so I could not help but watch it even though I have the DVD and it had adverts. But it had been quite a while since I last watched this masterpiece. Unfortunately I started this blog a year after this film was released and was actually surprised myself that one of my all time favourite films and joint highest of cinema viewings had not been reviewed on Let’s Go To The Movies.

From the first moment you see The Joker you are hooked, this guy is going to be something else. That thought is quickly proven to be right as he goes from strength to strength is rather sadistic ways to cause as much havoc and chaos as possible in Gotham. He wants the mob on his side and wants nothing more than to kill the Batman.

I really don’t think this review is going to be able to do the film justice, but hopefully it can spread my love for how incredible it is from start to finish. Forget about it being just another “superhero” film, it is a brilliant action film as well. It has everything going for it. Heath Ledger deserved his Oscar for his performance in this, I always hate hearing it was because he died. No it really was because he was without a doubt the best supporting actor that year. In one of the greatest performances of all time (in my opinion). The way he delivers the lines is incredible, his mannerisms and general nature is just out of this world. Yes I can even remember being disappointed he had been cast as the Joker with my love for Batman and Jack Nicholson, but this is different. Why so serious?

That isn’t the only great performance in this film though, Christian Bale shows a lot of growth in his role as Bruce Wayne/The Dark Knight. They tone down his angry voice (a little) from Batman Begins, but at times it does border on being amusing. His physique is fantastic and chemistry he shared with Michael Caine as Alfred is very good. Can never really fault Michael Caine, he is very good at what he does. He gets some very insightful and fascinating lines in this one, appearing very philosophical which really fit the tone of the film.

Aaron Eckhart was another brilliant addition as Harvey Dent and really keeps the performances at a high. You will believe in Harvey Dent, he has everything Gotham needs and it is looking like Batman’s days will almost be over in this case. As we know though Dent becomes two face, now this is very drastic and not how you have seen two face in the past. He loses his mind as well, notice a common theme with this film? Gary Oldman doesn’t really need a lot said as he is still brilliant as Gordon who is the only person Batman trusts.

The Joker has so many little moments that just leaves you wanting and waiting for more. How did he get those scars? Each time a different very sadistic story, which is true? We will never really know the answer to that. It all adds to the mystery. “Some men just want to see the world burn” – This sums up the Joker he isn’t driven by money which makes it such a difficult task for Batman.

The fight scenes between the pair are incredible you will not see a better on-screen rivalry. They just make each other work better, they complete each other. The Joker hanging upside down and still messing with Batman is just brilliant, you wouldn’t expect anything less. The laugh as well, Ledger nails the laugh and gives it a sadistic edge.

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

Fantastic quote from Harvey Dent which is something he will be faced with himself. Which route will Bruce Wayne take? I do admit that I love how he just takes himself away from all the drama by pretending he is oblivious to all. When in fact he is still helping out without the suit on.

Hong Kong is a destination in this film and I did make a blog post back in 2013, when the hotel I was staying it had a few of the building in this film. That was a very exciting trip for that reason (as well as many others). The Batman Building. That is a very impressive scene. Honestly if you haven’t seen this before (I don’t know where you’ve been if you haven’t). I was shocked with myself that I hadn’t actually put a review up on here as have seen it so many times.

The film will certainly put a smile on your face for many different reasons. Heath Ledger you were a legend for this performance incredible!

3 thoughts on “The Dark Knight (2008) Review

  1. This was one of my all-time favorite movies. I agree that Heath Ledger deserved the Oscar. Sadly, I don’t think the Academy Snobs would have voted for him if he didn’t die, even though it was one of the best performances ever.

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