Top 10 – Best Films of 2014

I have had to change the rules a little bit to put together this post, when I started the blog I made the mistake of waiting until about March time to put out my best films of the year list. Due to UK release dates being a little later than the US. But I have decided to change it so going forward it will be what I have caught at the cinema that year (if that makes sense). So I will put a link to my 2013 list just to avoid any confusion of missed films from 2014’s list! – 2013 Best Films

Not only have I caught films this year at the cinema towards the end of the year I managed to catch ones I had missed either on one of my many flights for work in Africa this year and also on Sky Movies and Netflix as they became available. So this gives a lot of films for consideration. – Look here for 2014 tagged posts and here for films I watched at the cinema in 2014.

Missed Films of 2014

Worst Films of 2014

2014 at the Cinema

When organising and arranging which films were going to be in the top 10, three films didn’t quite make it . . . ‘Paddington’, ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and ‘Chef’. All of which managed to surprise me and were enjoyable in 2014.

10. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five ArmiesReview

The last journey into Middle Earth. Yes I found it rather mixed, but it was the best of the three Hobbit films and I just had to include it on the list pretty much for that. It had plenty of LOTR geeky mentions as well.

9.The Fault in Our StarsReview

It really did break my heart this film. Sometimes that can be a good thing, it is eye-opening and has a nice way of delivering a truly awful story.

8. Million Dollar ArmReview

This was one of the biggest surprises of the year for me, I know I am totally weak when it comes to sport based films. But wasn’t expecting this one to be that good, it was and inspirational as well.

7. PrideReview

We’ve had quite a few films about Aids/HIV and the outbreak of it all. But this story is a little different, it shows that people did start to help each other and gives you hope that people can change. I had no idea about this true story before seeing the film, always good to learn something new.

6. Begin AgainReview

Yes honestly I have picked a Keira Knightley film in my top 10 of a year! I think I am more shocked than anyone about that. This film really took me in, had some lovely messages and let’s you know that it really is actually ok to be on your own. It doesn’t go down the normal rom-com/chick flick way which was refreshing.

5. St. VincentReview


Bill Murray can’t really do any wrong, but his performance in this film has to be close to a career best. I wasn’t expecting to almost cry when watching this one, a much bigger heart than you may first expect!

4. The Imitation GameReview

A truly inspiring story. Yet a truly sad story. That makes an incredible film. Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic in this film, it will make you want to laugh and also to cry. A very different story about World War II and the way homosexuality was treated in the past.

3. LockeReview

Tom Hardy in a car for the whole film. This shouldn’t work at all. But it does! I found myself totally gripped with this one, was an incredible experience. I know some people will just hate it, but I for one loved it!

2. InterstellarReview


Breathing taking and mind-boggling. This one will make your head hurt. But considering it was another 2014 film with a very long running time, this one does not feel that long. It will make you consider time like you never had before.

1. BoyhoodReview


Sorry I’ve done it. Actually I’m not sorry. This was by far one of the most engaging films I have ever seen, not for the storyline as such but because of how it was made. We watch him grow up in front of our eyes in a feature-length film. It captures childhood and growing up. It is brilliant. I know it will make number 1 spot on a lot of lists but it deserves it in my opinion!



22 thoughts on “Top 10 – Best Films of 2014

  1. Not only did you pick a Keira Knightley film for your top 10 – you picked two 😉

    Looking forward to seeing “Paddington” when it opens on this side of the pond. Your glowing review certainly is swaying me towards seeing it. The lackluster adverts over here are not selling it well.


    • Haha I actually had to go back and check what the other film was!! She must have been that good in The Imitation Game I forgot it was her. Maybe 2014 was the year I came round to her.

      Paddington massively surprised me, I wasn’t totally bothered about seeing it. But glad I did as was a cute film.


  2. Cannot agree with Interstellar but Boyhood is a film triumph and Begin Again is a terrific follow up to Once. Glad Edge of Tomorrow was at least near your top 10, it is quite high on my list.


    • Pleased it’s going to make it on yours too (looking forward to seeing it). Took me by surprise that film as wasn’t expecting much from it at all.


  3. Hey Caz, it’s always fun to see which movies work for fellow bloggers and which don’t. I wish I could put The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and Interstellar on my list, but they didn’t even make my Honorable Mentions. Locke is brilliant isn’t it? The Imitation Game is another good one, even if I had expected an edgier approach from the Danish director.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah Locke totally blew me away! I actually didn’t end up with a massive amount of films for this list, I truly hated Grand Budapest Hotel which has been so popular. I had more films for my worst of 2014 list, haha.


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