When Harry Met Sally (1989) Review

This is without a doubt still one of the smartest and best romantic comedy films around. Harry and Sally met one night and over time became friends and even learnt to love one another.

This is one of those films which you enjoy more and more every time you watch it. Honestly I really do think its a brilliant film. Which I may not have done the first time I watched it, but over the years I have grown to love it, I suppose that is a little bit ironic considering that’s how Harry and Sally’s relationship goes over 12 years for that matter. But it creates some fantastic questions and raises some very interesting talking points, and I am not just talking about “that” scene with Meg Ryan. “I’ll have what she’s having” – truly amazing cinema moment.

It also comes as a very good day to watch this film considering its many New Year’s Eve moments. Probably a little bit clichéd but that does not matter at all. This film has enough charm and charisma (mainly from Billy Crystal) to really be able to pull off the clichéd moments. That is something that I think makes it even better again, honestly I cannot praise this film high enough. I am sure everyone can relate to so many moments, with the different characters which is why it works so well watching it at different times in your life. You will then get something new from this truly unique rom-com.

The key to the fact they hate each other and then actually become friends is because to begin with they don’t see each other very often and then years later run into one another again. They then grow to becoming friends and are truly good friends, going against everything they believe to be true. But they help each through relationships and then break ups.

The ending has to be one of the best in rom-com history, I actually feel bad keep referring to this film as rom-com due to the severe decline in that genre. As it does have plenty of drama too. But the closing statement from Harry about finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is just fantastic, I had tears in my eyes watching the film earlier which is crazy how many times have I seen this? But it is super romantic.

Harry is certainly the type of man both men and women will like. He always tells it like it is and gets his opinion across no matter what. Obviously at first this does not make him very likeable at all, but as the film goes on you also grow to love him. I would even go as far as saying this is Crystal’s best film role.

Let’s also face it that Meg Ryan totally dominated these types of films in the late 80s and early 90s nobody done or can do it now better than she did. This performance is no different, she works so well with Crystal and they really bounce off each other. Another thing is the supporting roles from Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby, they add more depth to the story as well. Providing a shoulder to cry on and someone else to talk to about everything.

The film really highlights the differences in men and women and how they take things in such a different way. Surely this film can help men and women understand each other a little better? Well hopefully, this film dates very well. But it is a shame that times have changed with the whole internet and social media factor!

If you haven’t seen this film please put it at the top of your films to watch in 2015!!!

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