The Santa Clause 2 (2002) Review

Scott Calvin is back for the second time as Santa, only one problem if he doesn’t find a wife he will no longer be Santa. Along with Charlie being on the naughty list, it is going to be a very challenging Christmas.

A sequel to the much-loved Christmas film The Santa Clause, it was never going to be as good as the original but it certainly is watchable. The story is a little bit crazy that he must then find a woman to marry so he can remain Santa, which is a bit of a strange message to send.

Charlie has been in trouble quite a few times at school and this has made him be on the naughty list. So Scott decides he must go home to try to help out and find out what the problems are. Because it is so close to Christmas though Santa just can’t leave the North Pole, so a Toy Santa is put in his place. Ok yes I understand this is not sounding good at all, but it has some very amusing moments and some heartwarming ones as well. That’s what you need from a Christmas film right?

Tim Allen is very charming once again as Santa and you cannot help but root for him from start to finish. Add in another child as Charlie is getting older now, so he has a half-sister Lucy who is cute and loves her Uncle Scott. But she does not know exactly what he does, although she does manage to work it all out.

The film came out 8 years after the first and it must have been playing on the success and love felt for it. But maybe we didn’t need another instalment and could just watch the first one over and over? But we got it and it isn’t the worst film in the world, it does lack some of the magic felt in the first film and innocence. As he had to adapt to becoming Santa where in this one he needed to try to stay as Santa.

So while it is not as good as the first one, it is still a nice Christmas film. I am sure children will enjoy it a lot and really be taken in by Santa once again.

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